• weekly chart analysis (RETURN OF

    7 Apr 2008, 12:40 by Cataquack

    after losing my focus and writing journal on metal fashion and eminem your most favorite bloggostar will be writing a sceptic piece of sarcasmic literature based on my weekly top charts

    Crystal Castles
    i finally got arround listeing to their new album
    CC is pretty cool and hot, but not as hot as their leadsinger which reminds me of superficial pop bands
    ha-ha ha ha

    a rule of thumb says
    whenever one of the band members is a girl and hot, their main income will be money made from losers who want to have sex;
    a real music elitit should immeditly reconignize this situation and stop being interested in the actual music!!!
    do never pay money to listen to their music, only obsessivly collect their band picture and perhaps see them live so you can wank for some months on mental images

    The Apples in Stereo
    band with indie rocking sound from uk, i really lost my faith in the britrock movement of late 2000 but now vampire weekend and the apples…