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Prahfitz Ov Inzaniti, or P.O.I. for short, was formed in 1999 by Joseph Crook and Arthur McDonald, in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States.

Their first full album entitled "Covet Thy Ak" was released on August 1st 2001, and was a mixture of a previous demo tape made in 1999 entitled "May I Axe You?", and a couple of new added tracks. Prominent tracks from these early days include "Attempted Suicide" and "Nothing". This album was recorded with very crude technology, including a karaoke machine/cassette tape recorder hooked up to a PC. Sound quality was extremely variable due to the low quality equipment, or lack of equipment in general.

In 2004 they released "The Misadventures of P.O.I.", and developed an underground cult following. Sound quality was greatly improved for this record due to the use of professional recording equipment. One of the groups' favorite songs was recorded for this album entitled "Steel Rain". This song featured Nate Hudson and Ross Becker from the Virginia Beach based alt-rock band "Toque", on chorus vocals and guitar, respectively. It was an anti-war song protesting against the occupation of Iraq, imagining the horrors of actually having to fight in a foreign land, exploring self doubt, and emphasizing the violence inherent in warfare itself. Other popular tracks from this era are "Afros Bring Hoes" and "Another Dose" which features "I-Dub" and "No Trace", who are also long time friends and collaborators.

After this, Both Joseph Crook and Arthur McDonald took a break from the group to record solo ep's. Although neither solo ep was finished or released, 3 songs from each project was released for free on a compilation disc in 2006. Out of these two projects, a song that was written by Joseph Crook and originally intended for his solo ep entitled "All the Girls", became an instant fan favorite, and remains so to this day.

In 2007 Prahfitz Ov Inzaniti released a free mixtape entitled "Unlimited Nights and Weekends" which featured past collaborators like DJ Robbie Rosemont who helped with the recording, sampling, and mixing. Also of note, a running gag throughout the mixtape was the voice of the "Halo" series of games announcer, whom Joe and Art dubbed the "HaloMan" randomly saying things throughout the recordings.

In late 2009, their last (to date) full studio album entitled "Sugar, Water, Purple" was released, named after a Dave Chappelle stand-up joke, with "Dark Desert Highway" being a track worth noting, as it was written by both men out of grief for their longtime friend and fan Luke, who had taken his own life in his room while they were in the midst of recording the album.

Prahfitz Ov Inzaniti have had a few roster changes over the years, but Joe and Art are the founders and permanent members. P.O.I. have evolved much since their inception, but their dedication to originality and experimentation has never changed, and will never change.

The group has been described as "rapcore", "acid rap", "horrorcore", and "rap-rock", but it is interesting to note that they frown heavily upon labels. The group tends to change often and are always trying new things.

Prahfitz Ov Inzaniti is on hiatus at the moment, their last single to date "F-U Pay Us" was released in 2012.

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