• Banging my table...

    19 Nov 2007, 17:50 by Contrid

    I just can't fucking help it. It's like a disease telling your subconcious mind that your body should move around to the beat whenever a good song plays and interrupts your state of concentration with a wide smile insinuating that you should jump up.

    Spilt Needles

    No seriously, whether you might be floating on another planet, buried in piles of work or maliciously stuffing a taco down your throat on your couch (maybe not), good music is there to light a candle in our lives.

    Long Way To Go

    Don't listen to shit because your elder brother thinks that a specific band rocks his world and he has commit to trade his soul to the devil when this band stops playing, blah blah blah. Get the right music that makes you feel good and hyperactive, but yet allows you to do whatever you need to do other than chaining your ipod to your body or taking a nap on your keyboard with the speakers rambling in your ears.

    Paint the Seconds

    You probably know this, so that's cool. …