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The Potter Puppet Pals series is one of Neil Cicierega’s major projects, formerly just in Flash animation, but has now expanded to actual puppet shows and even music. The basic idea is, “What would happen if Harry Potter was acted out with puppets… by INSANE people?”

The first episode was a flash animation called "Bothering Snape". It features Harry and Ron spontaneously decide to bother Snape, who gets annoyed and kills them with the Avada Kedavra curse.
The second episode was suppose to be the musical "Potter Puppet Pals Adventure". Although Neil recored the audio the animation was cancelled, as he thought it would be too tedious to make.
"Trouble at Hogwarts" is a flash animation that replaced "Potter Puppet Pals Adventure" as the second episode. It features Voldemort invading Hogwarts and Harry, Ron and Hermione have to fight back.

After "Trouble at Hogwarts", Neil moved on to real puppets.
"Potions Class" was the first episode to feature the real puppets, in which Snape tries to teach Harry, Ron and Hermione potions.
"Wizard Angst" followed in which Harry feels "cranky and pubescent" and doesn't know why.
"The Mysterious Ticking Noise" in which everyone sings and dances to a mysterious ticking noise. This is Neil's most viewed short film to date and also has won the YouTube 2008 Award in Comedy.
"Wizard Swears" features Harry, Ron and Hermione trying out "wizard swears" and results in Dumbledore telling them the "Elder Swear".
"School is for Losers" features Snape deciding to punish Harry for missing Potions for 3 weeks.
"Awakening of the Incorruptible" is a joke episode. It involves Dumbledore making a quick appearance, before sinking back into the stage. The next real episode was released a few hours later.
In "The Vortex" Snape is stopped from explaining his dream to Dumbledore when Ron is trapped in an alternate dimension.

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