• Pompeya & Stereophonics

    25 jui. 2007, 7h56m par PinkBear

    Tue 24 Jul – Stereophonics, POMPEYA
    OMG, it was really cool. The first time i got to the backstage of B1 - it's really cool, very well organized and so on. I came to the club at about 5 o'clock, there was noone in front of the club, just no person. So i met Pompeya and we entered the club. We had a personal room at the backstage, with water and some sandwiches (i would like to thank B1 for this - they were really tasty). The first 1,5 hours we just had to wait - Stereophonics were late and we couldn't start the soundcheck before then. Finally they arrived, actually they were looking not like stars, but just like simple guys, even "shabby". Actually we didn't talk at all , just saying "hello". And their technics were very openhearted and funny, cool guys!
    So, Pompeya's check took some time, even some people were entering already when we only started checking the sound. But i think it's ok, it was finished very quickly. I personally loved the sound very much.