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Poeta Magica represents a new concept of music, theater and culture and offers a program including all these aspects which can easily be made into an individual show for you.

Poeta Magica has had concerts on national and international festivals, e.g. in France, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia and has been on stage with Hedningarna in Hide/Sweden. Poeta Magica made music for movies – e.g. the soundtrack for the US-series "Exotic Islands"; the band has lent their equipment for numerous TV- and movie productions and has been featured by "VOX-Tours".

Poeta Magica creates banquets and events, supports your product presentation and plays on city festivals and medieval markets; organizes celebrations on castles and markets and also supplies market stalls.

Bowed instruments Nyckelharpa (eight modells), Moraharpa, Trumscheit

String instruments Celtic harp, five hurdy - gurdys, Renaissances - lute, Cister

Bagpipes Gaita, Gallega & Asturian, Bulg, Gaida, Borderpipe, Flämish bagpipe, Gaita
Ecosse, Cornish Pipe, Glastonbury Pipe, Bechonnet, Medieval bagpipe

Wood instruments Shawn, Pommer, Bombarde, Nagaswaram, Flutes, Rauschpfeife, Fujara

Percussion Davul, Zarb, Bendir, Def, Darbuka, Pauke

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