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At present there is more than one artist under the name Plush and they are all directed here.

Liisted here are two of know artists recording under the new Plush. They are

1) Liam Hayes, a singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter from Chicago who records under the name Plush.

2) Rory Elliot, guitarist, songwriter and singer from Cape Town, South Africa.

1)Liam Hayes who records under the title of Plush is based in Chicago, USA. he is a singer, guitarist, pianist, and songwriter. At present he has released 4 full length albums, "Three-Quarters Blind Eyes" (1995/9), More You Becomes You (1998), Fed (2002) and Underfed (2004). Please expand on this artist's information.

2)Plush is an acoustic rock band based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rory Eliot is lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar, Chas Smit was lead guitarist and backing vocalist. Together they were described as "so unbelievably tight that they sound as though they are one masterful musician, playing two guitars, with four arms and one almighty voice".

On September 18 2005, after a gig that formed part of their national tour for A Few Blinding Views, Chas Smit was killed when he was hit by a speeding car. Rory was quoted by the Daily News as saying, "He was like a brother to me. I am not sure what the future holds for me, or for the band. I will have to think about it and what Chas would have wanted." Since then, the Plush website has announced that the band will not be continuing.

Memorial services took place in Pietermaritzburg, Cape Town and London.

After a 6 month sabbatical and reflection period, Rory has found the need to continue the musical journey he started over a decade ago. And so has begun his new career, alongside Ben Peters a former drummer with Plush performing as Rory Eliot and continuing with the promotion of both his albums, This charismatic duo have stunned crowds with their rhythmic cohesion and perform both old Plush favourites and Rorys latest compositions to roaring approval. Rorys successful acting career has lent itself to his superb showmanship with his audiences and he has toured nationally and internationally with theatre productions. Rory, again with Ben, is campaigning for SADD (South Africans Against Drunk Driving) with Brenda Voss of Wandering Star Projects and they are touring the country in an effort to educate students of the perils of drinking and driving.

Plush have released 2 full albums, "All That Is Should Be" (released March 9 2004) and "A Few Blinding Views" (released August 5 2005, Us Productions). The song "Today" achieved massive success in South Africa and features on both Albums. The first album is arguably more acoustic than the second.

Plush, the celebrated acoustic rock band, are back.

Lead guitarist and singer Rory Eliot, bass player Emelio Gassibe and drummer Ben Peters have emerged from a sixth month sabbatical and a temporary, cathartic return to performance as Rory Eliot and the Reason to reform one of the country’s most celebrated bands.

The trio has recently returned from a sold out tour of the UK, their first foray into the international market, and are currently at work in-studio on the comeback album Rage On, which will hit South African shelves in February but will be released to the public in December.

The first single off the upcoming album, When Grace Grew Tall, has already enjoyed chart success including No. 1 status on a number of stations, including 5fm.

Plush’s name first flickered on the South African music map back in 2002. Alongside lead guitarist Chas Smit’s creative flair, Eliot’s songwriting ability and natural charisma merged seamlessly to produce songs such as Tainted, which hit No.1 on TuksFM, and Today and My Baby which received regular radio play, the latter getting airtime on MTV. Described as “so unbelievably tight that they sound as though they are one masterful musician, playing two guitars, with four arms and one almighty voice”, Plush’s rocket ride ended suddenly when Smit was killed by an alleged drunk driver when attempting to cross a street in Pietermaritzburg in September 2005. Engulfed by grief, Eliot took time out before returning as a solo artist, determined to fulfill a promise he’d made to Smit that they would make it. The destiny they were meant to share was still worth fighting for.

Refusing to become the victim of cruel circumstance, and powered by the strength that produced the anthemic Rage On, Eliot set about turning obstacle into opportunity. He joined up with drummer Ben Peters, a former contributor to Plush and member of jacSharp, and again shared a stage as old Plush favourites and an increasing repertoire of new tracks saw sell-out crowds and packed venues all over Cape Town as word of Eliot’s return spread.

After a difficult few years, good times dawn again. The combination of emotion, passion and determination was always the signature of any Plush performance, and now the same ingredients have fueled Plush’s musical rebirth. The same combination has also meant it’s always been more than just songs. For many, it is the soundtrack to their lives.

A December full of shows will culminate in a Summer Concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens on 30 December.

“We are very proud to be bringing Plush back,” commented Eliot. “Ever since the life-altering events of 2005 we have all travelled a demanding and sometimes difficult road, but thankfully have emerged all the stronger.

“The reception in the UK was unbelievable, and together with the massive support we have been blessed to receive from our local movement, we felt the time was right for the comeback.

“Finally, too, we have an album that we believe is truly worthy of Plush. We are tremendously excited and expect it will do big things.”

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