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Pinprick – a different take on alternative rock

Pinprick is an Anglo-Brazilian trio that fuses a variety of musical styles to create a unique sound. While its essence undoubtedly lies somewhere within the genre of “alternative rock”, the predominance of the classical guitar and the interweaving of different rhythms and styles – from rock to Brazilian and other rhythms – makes it a hard one to put a label on. These elements, combined with powerful vocal melodies and complex harmonies, make for an unsettling experience for the listener, so that where each song begins isn’t necessarily where it ends up…

How it all started

After eight years’ classical piano tuition, Dominic took to wearing dirty old raincoats, stopped washing his hair and started listening to The Cure. His subsequent passion for all things Latin American put a tropical swing in his stride and added subliminal new elements to his musical repertoire. His “emigration” to Brazil in 2006 brought a degree of order to his life, so that, after a five-year gap, he embarked on a prolific period of song-writing.

In May 2007, Dominic got together with Valfrid, and the two spent the following six months working on his songs.

Valfrid’s hard-rock appearance conceals a varied background and great musical versatility. A conservatory-trained classical guitarist, he played acoustic and electric guitar in his first bands, taking up the bass out of necessity (a local shortage of bass players), to discover he was actually rather good at it. When Lucas came on the scene in November 2007, he and Valfrid immediately formed a vital synergy.

From a long line of musicians, Lucas mastered the kick drum while still in the womb, and picked up the rest with ease. By far the youngest of the three, Lucas’s ample stage experience and musical maturity belies his 18 years. He has recently taken to experimenting with different percussive sounds, including hitting himself on the head to see what happens. He even drums in his sleep.

Debut EP

The band spent August to November 2008 in the recording studio in Santos, Brazil, recording and mixing its six-track debut EP, which saw a low-key preview release on 6 December.

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