• Unlocking Your Phone Is Illegal Starting Tomorrow

    25 Jan 2013, 20:36 by Milkshake8

    You may remember that last year, the DMCA exemption on unlocking Phones was smacked down. Well it's going into effect this Saturday. So starting tomorrow, unlocking Your phone will be officially illegal. Yay.
    Unlocking phones without the express consent of the carrier who locked them became illegal thanks to edits to DMCA exemptions back in October, but it's only now that the 90-day grace period is running out. Locked phones purchased in the 90 days after the ruling are still game to be Unlocked, but from here on out, for an unlocked phone to be legitimate, it'll have to have been bought that way or come with a permission slip from your carrier.

    It's not the first time retracted DMCA exemptions have threatened to mess with your ability to mess with Your phone. Jailbreaking and rooting almost became illegal again because of DMCA exemption changes. Fortunately, the same batch of modifications that illegalized unlocKing will also protect phone jailbreaking for another three years. But it's still not allowed on tablets. …
  • Supreme Court case will decide whether you own your stuff

    12 Oct 2012, 23:23 by Milkshake8

    Writing in Marketwatch, Jennifer Waters explains the implications of a Supreme Court case, Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, which turns on the question of whether you have the right to re-sell things you buy out of the country, or whether the copyrights embodied by your Phones, Clothes, Gadgets, Books, Music, DVDS, and other possessions mean that you can't sell Your Stuff Without Permission from the original manufacturer.

    Following Wiley's theory, you don't really own most of your Possessions. You share Ownership in your goods with the companies that made the goods you "Bought" from them, and they get a veto over your disposal of them, and can also demand a cut of the proceeds.

    Put simply, though Apple has the Copyright on the iPhone and Mark Owen does on the book “No Easy Day,” you can still sell your copies to whomever you please whenever you want without retribution.

    That’s being challenged now for products that are made abroad and if the Supreme Court upholds an…
  • Dibder's 2010: Spring/Summer

    1 Jun 2010, 17:45 by CvaldaVessalis

    Hello anyone and everyone!! Well, I have had a more than crazy few months since I last blogged about my favorites of 2010 thus far... Music wise, it's been more than eventful, with plenty more amazing releases to listen to (but obviously I'll be getting on to that a little later!) and, most excitingly, the seeming return of the music video as a trendy art-form. True, some bands do take it upon themselves to unleash at least one amazing video for each of their albums these days, but we've already been spoiled-more-than-silly with audio-visual accompaniments to some rather brilliant (or not really) singles this year. Contenders for the year-end blogs include Vampire Weekend's celeb-heavy tennis match for Giving Up The Gun; Hot Chip and director Pete Serafinowicz's boyband execution parody for I Feel Better; and, last but by certainly-no-means-least, Romain Gavras and M.I.A.'s blisteringly brilliant clip for Born Free that really has to be seen to be believed... …
  • Dibder's New Music Series: Entry 5

    28 May 2009, 11:11 by CvaldaVessalis

    Thu 30 Apr – the mummers

    On a personal note, it is with great excitement that I write this journal, as the next installment will be published whilst I am ensconced in the sunny environs of San Francisco! Provided I get around to writing it, obviously... So, as you can understand, new music and gigs won't exactly be on the agenda over the next couple of months! An incredibly special thanks to Omissi0n for setting this whole jaunt up is in order also, as despite being a dispiritingly crap year at home so far, I now have something rather lovely to look forward to! X^D

    So, joygasm over, back to my monthlies, and a quick little blurb about up-and-coming pop folkers The Mummers, whose debut album received a rather glowing rating in my last entry. They'll be hitting the festival circuit this year and are well worth checking out, their sunny songs and laidback demeanor a perfect soundtrack to the (hopefully) good summer weather. Lead singer Raissa's prior stage experience is a welcome feature too…
  • Bloc Party - Intimacy Remixed review

    15 May 2009, 15:43 by adamzZz

    When Bloc Party set to remix their fantastic debut album - Silent Alarm, most of the fans moaned, but the moan wasn't necessary in case of Silent Alarm Remixed. It's probably one of the best remix albums ever, it comined electro, shoegaze and mellowy remixes by such musicians as M83, Death from Above 1979 or Ladytron.

    The newest remix release, Intimacy Remixed doesn't combine many music genres. It's full of boring electro crap which gets on your nerves after several listens. I don't really get how Bloc Party could allow to ruin such songs as Ion Square or Halo so badly.

    Even though the remix lineup is filled with great DJs and bands like Hervé or Mogwai, the music on Intimacy Remixed lacks creativity. If we are talking about Mogwai's remix, they did their worst effort up to date. They used some crappy electro beats, instead of dreamy post-rock presented on their previous remix for Bloc Party's Plans.
  • New Arnaud Rebotini EP released - Album coming soon

    18 Jan 2009, 19:19 by mqwmk

    He calls it "vintage sounds for modern music", but really it's his rock'n'roll album. Arnaud Rebotini's Music Components is the result of turning his back on today's too-clean digital electronics. Bunkered down, alone in a studio of beautiful vintage synths and beatboxes, he adopted one of many sets of strict rules.
    It was simple: all music had to be generated live. Rebotini's killer touring set is all live - no laptops, no pre-prepared sequencing. But even the album, where less daring is standard, laptops were put in their rightful place - they were used only as expensive tape recorders.
    It's the kind of monomanicial musical dedication you get from the man who founded Black Strobe, the Parisian dancefloor duo whose stated ambition was to "make electronic music that scares people". Founded in 2001 with Ivan Smagghe, and signed to Output Recordings, that duo later went on to be helmed soley by Rebotini for its most recent album, "Burn your own church" - chief singer / songwriter Arnaud Rebotini…
  • Kitsuné Music

    18 Aug 2007, 16:28 by vini_tb

    Kitsuné é um projeto francês multi-media (música, moda e arte) criado em 2002 por Gildas Loaëc (um dos managers da Roulé, selo francês que lançou o Daft Punk), Masaya Kuroki e Åbäke. Gildas cuida da parte musical, Masaya é responsável pela linha de roupas e Åbäke trabalha com arte, e é ele quem faz todas as artworks dos EPs e álbuns lançados pelo selo. A sede da Kitsuné está localizada em Paris, na 1 Rue Thérèse, 75001.

    O ramo musical começou com o lançamento da compilação Kitsuné Love, em 2002 (relançado em 2003 com mais músicas). Gildas escolheu artistas a dedo, apostando sempre em novidades que as pessoas querem ouvir. Após esse disco é que a Kitsuné virou um selo propriamente dito, e alguns produtores foram contratando para o "crew". Em 2004 veio outra compilação, a Kitsuné Midnight, que reuniu alguns artistas já bem conhecidos com muitas outras novidades (muita gente deve ter conhecido Cut Copy por aí). …
  • Blaze - Rockraw Glitchsnitch Mix Session

    14 Dec 2006, 04:04 by blazet

    Are you ready for a hotbox full of hot shit by all the hottest electro +glitch/house/rock fuckers for the year of 2006 according to Blaze?

    Starting off with a track from 1969, the Rockraw Glitchsnitch is a crunked out / buzzed out journey of raw synths, hard beats, promiscuous girls & a touch of rockstar egotistical demands.

    It's a full mix (77:32) I just made a properly mixed & recorded last night.

    Blaze - Rockraw Glitchsnitch Mix.mp3 (103mb)
    (Right click, save link/target as)


    Led Zeppelin - Black Mountain Side
    Midnight Juggernauts - From The Deep
    Midnight Juggernauts - 45 And Rising
    Dangerous Dan & Nik (Van She) - Around The Fucking World Again
    New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (CometsRemix)
    New Young Pony Club - Ice Cream (Van She Tech Remix)
    Play Paul - La La Land (Sebastian vs. Justice Remix)
    The Others - This is for the Poor (Phones Bourgeois Mix)
    Simian Mobile Disco - Animal House
    Basement Jaxx- Hush Boy (Les Visiteurs Mix)
    The Gossip - Listen Up (Tronik Youth Remix)
  • Exclusive MP3: Editors - All Sparks (Phones Remix)

    11 Dec 2006, 09:05 by dthprod

    When he's not busy producing ace UK acts like Bloc Party and Maxïmo Park, or, um, , Paul Epworth goes on a remixing rampage under the alias Phones. Here he grooves up and spreads out Editors' "All Sparks", from the joyless division's debut LP, The Back Room. Dialed in? Not so much, lucky for you.

    The Phones number was set to appear on an Editors remix EP, but didn't make the final cut. So happy belated Thanksgiving, have an exclusive mp3.

    The aforementioned EP hit iTunes a couple weeks back, and features Editors re-edits from Ghislain Poirier, Ed Banger's Sebastian, Prince Language, and Certified Bananas mash-up man P Nice.
    MP3: Editors-All Sparks (Phones Remix)
  • Muse - Starlight

    8 Sep 2006, 11:38 by Teneroth

    To be quite frank, I wasn't too impressed with Muse' new album. I wish they had carried on with what the album was turning out to be - a mix between space rock and metal, along the lines of the early Assassin version known by fans as "Debase Masons Grog" (nb: I've tagged all of my DMG versions as Assassin, that's why Assassin is so high up on my lists).

    Starlight was one of the worst on the album in my opinion. Well, not one of the worst, but one of the ones I least prefer, after all there's a big difference between what One likes and what is good, the former is a matter of preference.

    Again, I payed £6.92 from Record Store UK to buy all three formats, which is cheaper than buying them individually anywhere, and not much more than buying just the CD and DVD from HMV, which the Muse newsletter and site publishers link to. The service wasn't up to scratch this time, simply because it took so long to get here (it was delivered with this morning's post). …