• 10000th Track, The Smashing Pumpkins, and the Future

    2 Oct 2006, 03:36 by 2uantuM

    10000th Track: Mayonaise

    Where the Music is Going:

    1.) The Smashing Pumpkins - Probably going to be staying in the top 5, that is for sure. I tried to lay off listening to too much of these guys so my charts weren't ridiculously skewed, but I caved in.

    I figured it would be appropriate to make my 10000th track my favorite song from one of my favorite artists, so I naturally went with Mayonaise. Very emotional and powerful song.

    The reunion should be quite interesting. Obviously, Billy Corgan is the most important feature to the sound of this band.

    D’Arcy had a very important role in the personality of the band, and apparently had a very keen ear for what sounded good and what didn't. However, I doubt she would return to the pumpkins. Assuming she has recovered from her crack addiction, I think it would be very difficult to return to a part of her life which has ostensibly caused her a great deal of trouble. From what I understand…