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There are 4 artists which go by the name of Pez:

1) an Australian Emcee from Melbourne
2) a hard, experimental Rock trio from Argentina
3) an emcee based in Plymouth, UK
4) a producer from Holland*.
5) an electro-popartist from Holland

1) From the shadows of Melbourne’s hip-hop underground steps one of the brightest local talents to emerge in years – 24-year-old emcee Perry Chapman aka Pez – with his stunning debut album A Mind Of My Own.
The 14-track rap opus, signals a bold new direction for Australian hip-hop. In Pez’s world, bland boom-bap beats give way to accomplished musicianship; lackadaisical lyrics are eschewed in favour of accomplished songwriting; and typical themes of partying and self-promotion are replaced by sincere stories of unfulfilled dreams, childhood nostalgia, political disconnection and unconditional love.
Highlights on the album are many. Radio single 'Ain't Got Time' (featuring Tzu's Count Bounce) is a musical call-to-arms underpinned by an urgent guitar riff and heartfelt admissions from Pez about the bumpy road to success. 'These Days' (complemented by the gorgeous vocals of Blue King Brown backing singer Hailey Cramer) is an offbeat acoustic gem with flawless flows from a lyrically supercharged Pez. And the epic 'Lost' narrates the tragic tale of a misguided muso over pounding piano keys and pulsating drums.
And true to his reputation as one of Australia’s favourite mixtape emcees, longtime Pez fans will lap up the hilarious hijinks of 'The Festival Song', a tribute to the summer festival season, or 'I Wanna Go', which transports listeners back to 1994 on a sea of soulful strings.
Entirely produced by multi-instrumentalist Matik except for one musical gem from newcomer Raymes, and featuring musical contributions from members of Tzu, The Cat Empire, Blue King Brown, fellow Soulmate signee 360, Seth Sentry and Tys, A Mind Of My Own is sure to cement Pez as the definitive voice of Australian hip-hop’s next generation.

2) Pez was formed in December 1993 by Ariel Minimal on Guitar and Voice, together with the Barbieri brothers (Poli on drums and Alez on bass). The project is a hard, experimental Rock trio that started to play on the Buenos Aires circuit in 1994. In September 1995 the band changed its formation with Franco Salvador taking charge of the drums and Iris Auteri of the bass. Their sound incorporates a variety of textures and styles, including tango, bossa nova, progressive rock and psychedelia. They also approached punk rock songs in an elaborate manner with the incorporation of Fósforo on the bass.

3) Pez is an emcee based in Plymouth, UK and is one half of Hip-Hop group Skrimshank, alongside producer Damo. He is affiliated with Innit Records and is currently working on new solo material, aswell as collaborations with other artists on the label.

4) Pez is a producer from Holland*.

5) Pez, also known as Pim Nugteren, recently released his first track 'At the club'. The video of the track has now over a 1000 views on youtube.
Pez is currently busy promoting his single and working on new material.

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