• Seen live...

    14 Nov 2010, 20:23 by paulatc76

    1.Aeternus w ’99 (Katowice-Mega)
    2.Alastis w ’97 (XII Metalmania-Spodek)
    3. Amorphis w ’95 (Katowice-AWF)
    4. Anathema x 3: w ’96 (Katowice-Mega); w ’97 (XII Metalmania-Spodek); w 2010 (Kraków-Studio)
    5. Anneke van Giersbergen w 2010 (Kraków-Studio)
    6. Ancient Rites w ’99 (Katowice-Mega)
    7. Annihilator x 2: w 2000 (Katowice-Mega); w 2010 (Kraków-LochNess)
    8. Anthrax w 2010 (Sonisphere-Bemowo)
    9. Arsis w 2010 (Zabrze-Wiatrak)
    10. Artillery w 2008 (XXII Metalmania-Spodek)
    11. Asphyx w ‘96 (XI Metalmania-Jaworzno)
    12. Benediction w 2007 (XXI Metalmania-Spodek)
    13. Biohazard w ’97 (Katowice-Mega)
    14. Black-out Beauty w 2010 (Bielsko-Biała-RudeBoy)
    15. Black Sabbath x 2: w ’95 (Kraków-Hala Wisły); w ’98 (Katowice-Spodek)
    16. Blaze Bailey w 2007 (XXI Metalmania-Spodek)
    17. Bloodhound Gand w 2000 (XV Odjazdy-Spodek)
    18. Bloodsimple w 2007 (Katowice-Spodek)
    19. Blunt Force Trauma w 2010 (Katowice-Cogitatur)
    20.Bruce Dickinson w ’97 (MHF-Spodek)
  • Scanner newsletter August 2006

    19 Aug 2006, 19:17 by PostEverything

    August 2006


    As I write this I’m sitting here in Greene County, upstate NY, at Wave Farm, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, working on my Residency, living in a wooden cabin for the last week, surrounded by bees, deer and apparently a big black bear that dares not show his face or paws to me. It’s been an extraordinary adventure, far away from the big city, with an extraordinary outdoors live event, ‘Spectral Garden’ at the weekend, alongside Matthew Burtner and Nicholas Collins. An impressive electrical thunderstorm broke into the performances and with everyone running for cover just as I was about to begin. That’s not typical though.

    I presented 24/48, a new work that compressed an entire 24 hour day into just 48 minutes, offering both a speeded up picture of the locality and a chance to playfully suggest an idea of what we miss whilst sleeping, yet drawing attention to the minutiae of every moment.

    Whilst there I ventured down to Brooklyn for a night to perform at ISSUE Project Room…
  • FEB06: Interviews with Coldcut, Ascoltare and Benbecula

    4 Feb 2006, 17:59 by themilkman

    themilkfactory #75 | Contemporary music for contemporary people

    We've been away for a bit, but it is now time to get back to business, and this month, we've got a bumper edition of themilkfactory for you.

    Coldcut This Noise Is Under Control
    Interview with Matt Black
    Pioneers of the house/rave scene of the late eighties, Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More have gone on to become one of the most forward-thinking and consistent artists of their generation. Having set up their own record label, Ninja Tune, in the early nineties, they have help shape the musical landscape of the last fifteen years by helping artists such as DJ Vadim, Mr Scruff or Amon Tobin to become household names. Ten years after their last album, Coldcut return with a brand new collection of tracks and collaborations. We caught up with Matt Black to talk about Sound Mirrors, remaining independent at all cost and the virtues of democracy.