• "Music For Your Living Room" - Monika Records Special with guest Dorit Chrysler…

    30 May 2007, 04:05 by Lars_ollo

    This week we explored the friendly sounds of Berlin label Monika Records. Special guest on the show (even though she was so jet-lagged she nearly fell off her chair) was thereminist Dorit Chrysler, expat Austrian New York resident fresh off the plane from her 10-piece Theremin Orchestra performance in LA (the first in a century!!). Dorit will perform material from her recent Monika release in Sydney next week at the Vanguard in Newtown (Tuesday 5 June, with Inga Liljeström). Don’t miss it!! She’s fab!!!

    Barbara Morgenstern - Eine Verabredung
    (“Fjorden” - Monika)

    Quarks - Kikyo/Wiederkomm
    (“Raumschiff Monika” - Monika) (compilation)

    Dorit Chrysler - On The Meadow
    (“Best of Dorit Chrysler” - Plag dich nicht)

    Dorit Chrysler - Chlorophyll
    (“4 Women No Cry Vol. 2” - Monika) (compilation)

    Dorit Chrysler - Tesla
    (“Best of Dorit Chrysler” - Plag dich nicht)

    Percy Grainger - Free Music #1 (for four Theremins)
    (“An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic…
  • In a Nutshell

    28 Dec 2006, 02:08 by chalcemon

    My last ripping project was a 2-cd set of piano music by Percy Grainger. This is volume one of a project recorded by Leslie Howard. I never did get any of the later volume(s), though this one contains a lot of Grainger's most famous works (sadly, no Shepherd's Hey--though that may be a blessing; the hey is one of those tunes that sticks in your head a long time after hearing it).

    My favorite track in this set is Hard-Hearted Barb'ra (H)ellen. I love the simplicity of the arrangement. It's very haunting. This set also includes the Mock Morris and The Immovable Do. Another one I like from this set that isn't as well known is In Dahomey.

    While I've listened to this group quite a bit, I've still been in a brass mood lately. I've scrobbled quite a bit of my River City Brass Band collection, as well as Black Dyke Mills Band. I still have a few cds of both left to rip onto my hard drive. I'm not sure what I'll add next, though.
  • rationalizing(?)...

    16 Aug 2005, 18:58 by pgiampi1

    well, ensemble auditions are less than a week and a half away. i have had a very successful history with them which is possibly making me even more nervous about this one coming up. something tells me that i'm working as hard as i can right now but it still isn't making me anymore calm about this audition. i'm going to briefly use this space to try and rationalize the situation by going through my material and seeing how prepared i feel...

    prepared solo: David Gillingham - vintage
    last year i used a cut-and-paste portion of the first and third movements of Vladimir Cosma's euphonium concerto for my prepared solo. however this time i went with something that i plan to play on my junior recital in the spring. overall i like the style i am presenting and as long as my tempo isn't too fast i'm getting about 90% of the notes. the thing that worries me is that i always seem to tucker out after the slow opening where there are a string of high Bbs and Cs. …