• My Review Of Rambo

    11 Mar 2008, 11:07 by bbblood

    Wed 5 Mar – RAMBO

    Me and the guys (Paul Watson, Brett Davis and Paul Jackson) went to the Vue in Islington and each sneaked in a tin of Relentless Energy drink.

    Relentless - Energy drink

    For anyone who can't be arsed to click the link it's a energy drink like redbull but comes in a big beer can with dark gothic style print.

    Ok so we were in the cinema sipping Relentless watching one of the most brutal mainstream action films in recent times. So extreme the Odeon refused to show it .see here pussies!

    Rambo Plot:

    Rambo takes Christians to Burma, Christians get kidnapped, Rambo goes back with Mercenaries and Kills 300 oriental guys in green uniforms.

    Truely Relentless