• Sanjaya, you got me puking now, you really got me sick now. </3

    12 Apr 2007, 22:07 by Jazz13

    Instead of flaming this guy's page, I'm now going to just put all my flames in this journal. For everyone's been living under a rock, Sanjaya is this year's punchline who somehow slipped past the slightly deaf ears of the American Idol judges. He is talentless. He' couldn't find the right key at a locksmith and his dancing gives seizures to epileptics. Also, he brutally raped the song 'You Really Got Me' by the Kinks. He sexually molested the spanish language through song, and he also managed to offend Gwen Stefani by butchering 'Bathwater'. For artist connections, I will add everyone in the top 24 who was passed over due to this worthless joke.

    Fuck little tasteless girls with cell phones, fuck Votefortheworst and fuck Howard Stern. Die in a fire all of you. If he manages to win this year it will be the end of a once below-average reality show.

    Feel free to add your own Sanjaya flames or just tell me to get a life. I certainly get enough of that.
  • American Idol Top 24 show - commentary

    23 Feb 2007, 06:10 by benfergy

    Yes, I kinda like American Idol. It's rather addicting. Last season will be hard to top, but I'm enjoying several singers this season so far. Of the noteworthy performances
    from the last two nights:

    Blake Lewis sang Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know". Now, this is a more mellow song that could be boring if not sung well, but Blake really did well. After the first six guys gave weak and/or average performances, he came out and gave the best performance of the night. He's a definite top 12 contender.

    That said, my personal favorite of the guys is Chris Sligh. His song choice was the most unusual of the night; he sang "Typical" by Mute Math, a rock band that I'm not familiar with. He did a good job of it. One interesting thing about Chris is his sarcastic, dry sense of humor. Tonight he mentioned how the basic goal of the show is to be able to sing "Do I Make You Proud", and later, after some odd criticism from Simon…
  • American Idol season 6 - week 1

    22 Feb 2007, 03:02 by rodneythefish