• Have you seen them stars tonight? Or : sounds psychedelic of '60s & '70s…

    10 Feb 2012, 20:41 by iconan

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE STARS TONIGHT? What are you doing right now MEN
    WITHOUT EARTH? Perhaps you are flying in a place that I know of. I think you'll meet another MAN, he is flying, but you can not SEE.

    Ian MacDonald said: "The real argument is not psychedelia was neither love nor drugs, but the nostalgia for the 'boy look', which is the innocent vision of their child."
    Matteo Guarnaccia wrote in an essay: Psychedelia was the last glittering edge of the twentieth century. A subversive intellectual movement that is immersed in the exploration of inner space. With its colorful imagery, shifting and excessive shock to the greyness gave the bourgeois aesthetic and radically changing the very way we perceive reality.

    - -.-.-.-. om hari om ..... ॐ

    These songs (in my opinion) are some of the most beautiful.

    1 Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship - Have You Seen the Stars Tonite
    2 Mad River - Wind Chimes