• self promotion

    1 Mar 2006, 04:50 by phaslem

    Okay, so I've been on this site now for a couple of weeks and uploaded all my cds and blatantly hoping that people will find me through this forum.
    I've been in the music industry as an entertainer for over 30 yrs, and recording for about 20 now. I did a couple of recordings with a label out of California, which by and large was a satisfying experience even though I've realized very little money from those recordings...(maybe about $1500.00 in 10 yrs). Anyway you look at it music is a tuff long hall unless you happen to be one of those fortunate? people that like to play pop with the right mix of teenage angst, love, lost love, etc.
    So... recently I started thinking that perhaps I should start and explore other ways of being heard on the internet which brought me here...
    A few people have wandered by and listened and that is a begining. I've also been discovering lots of new music here, my most favorite at the moment being Steve Lawson.... Wow is all I can say!!!