• Vem Ska Betala?

    30 Jun 2007, 20:44 by storken

    Lyssna in Patrick El-Hags nya EP - Vem ska betala?

    Kanonbra, svängigt och vilka texter!

  • Patrick El-Hag - Swedish press about this album in 1997

    27 Nov 2006, 19:20 by hawken1

    Patrick El-Hag The Bottom Line

    Dagens Nyheter
    On this CD he sings the lyrics in an almost "minimalistic" but challenging fashion. With his own very independent interpretation of the plight of the lonely and rejected, he reaches out, forcing you to take him seriously. It is pleasant, easy to listen to but by no means simple. The lyrics contain more and larger complications, the music becomes a good supporter. Together they accomplish something that is worth both listening to and thinking about.
    Calle Pauli

    Aftonbladet ++++
    I am hooked from the very first line and first tone.
    Annika Sundbaum-Melin

    Östersunds Posten nnnn
    I find traces of everything from Julian Cope and Kraftwerk to Peter Gabriel and David Bowie on this odd record. A wonderful mix which gives us a record filled with 13 global tracks.
    Count on hearing more from this young man from Stockholm.

    David Stark