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There are two artists named Paste

1) Punk band from Cliffside Park, NJ
Debut EP "…and the devil will come to you with an irish accent, telling you he loves you" released 7/9/13
links: facebook - music - tumblr

Pre-order for tapes are available through driftwood records / too far gone records

2)Paste is the lo fi folk/experimental home recording project of Dennis Callaci of Refrigerator/Shrimper
Records. Throughout the 90s Paste issued a number of releases and a litany of compilation contributions mostly via the cassette format.


-"Drugstore" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Pigeon Skin" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Crosswalk Sister" cassette (Traumatone)
-"Cherry Red Radio" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Learning From Las Vegas" 7 inch (Shrimper/Baby Huey)
-"Calm" cassette (Car in Car Disco Product)
-"Silverwood" 12 inch (Imp Records)
-"Tension" cassette (Car in Car Disco Product)
-split w/ Nikki Light Crusade 7 inch (Union Pole"

compilation appearances:
-"Capgun-A Shrimper Compilation" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Back to the Egg Asshole (An Anti Tribute Tape)" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Pawnshop Reverb" cassette (Shrimper)
-"A Munchies Kinda Christmas" cassette (Sonic Enemy)
-"Swing Set (A Shrimper Compilation" 7 inch (Shrimper)
-"Extrasexual" cassette (Traumatone)
-"Everybody Knows (That) This is Nowhere Volume 2" cassette (Union Pole)
-"Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation" cassette (Road Cone)
-"Hardcore Acoustic Compilation" cassette (Shrimper)
-"Does Your Dog Mould?" 7 inch (Happy Dog)
-"A Tribute to Prince" cassette (Eldest Son)
-"Stars On Ice" cassette (Traumatone)
-"Am I So Different-A Tribute to the Charms" cassette (Traumatone)
-"Optional Ingredients from a Vile Recipe" 7 inch (Trackshun Industries)
-"The Amazing Phantom Third Channel" 7 inch (Cher Doll)
-"You & What Army" cassette (Sing Eunuchs!)
-"Industrial Folk: Volume 1" 7 inch (Squeler)
-"Whump #1 Bonus Record" 2x 7 inch (Whump)
-"Our Salvation is in Hand" cd (Theme Park)
-"Abridged Perversion" cd (Shrimper)
-"Childhood Friends: Jaboni Youth Compilation #4" cassette (Brassland)
-"De La Viande Pour Le Disco?" cassette (Banana Split)
-"The Basement Tape Volume Two: Live Underground" cd (KSPC)
-"Sidereal Rest" cd (Scratch)
-"Who Cremated the Morning?" 7 inch (Sweet Baboo)
-"Belly Up and Down to Davy Jones" cassette (Flannel Banjo)
-"When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food" cd (Gourmandizer)
-"Breaking the Plastic Hymen, Vinyl Virgins & Lo Fi Whores" 4x 7 inch (Fisheye)
-"Hey Bobby J- A Compilation of Bobby J & Friends" cassette (Bobby J)
-"White Bread/Sweet Baboo Compilation" cassette (Sweet Baboo)

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