• Why I Love Shampoo (Part 1)

    8 Oct 2006, 08:46 by rhythm_isa_mre

    I recently started a last.fm group for the band Shampoo, and the notion of Girl Power which they invented. No it wasn't the Spice Girls who came up with the phrase, and the original Girl Power was very different from the one which they took on as their own. In fact the brand of Girl Power that Shampoo started was more akin with the Riot Grrl genre than anything mainstream pop had to offer. In this journal, I am going to try and describe the music of Shampoo, and if you haven't heard of them or their music I thoroughly recommend you check them out. They aren't on last.fm radio yet, I dont actually know how that works but I think basically their record label Food has not given permission for this yet, but you can get hold of their music elsewhere! Oh and if you like the sound of all this, join the group by going here http://www.last.fm/group/Girl%2BPower%2521.

    So who are Shampoo?

    Shampoo are Jacqui Blake and Carrie Askew who met as teenagers at high school in Plumstead, England. …