• 6 minutes

    9 Feb 2006, 21:42 by captainjjb

    The sheer volume of tracks jumps up exponentially as we move closer towards the 3 to 5 minute mark. From 6 to 7 minutes my favourites have been.

    Chic – I want your love. Not my usual type of music, but some ye olde Disco was great fun and this one has a good catchy line.

    Lynyrd Sknyrd – I need you. A good meaty track which never seems to surface on a “best hits” but one of my favourites non the less.

    Joni Mitchell – Amelia. Some lovely chord progressions in this song. Typical of me I have no idea what she’s singing about, the words to any song have never mattered to me, just great music.

    Donald Fagen. – I.G.Y This song from Fagen’s first solo outing sounds more like a Steely Dan song than any of the songs on Steely Dan’s recent releases. The song contains a bunch of great catchy elements with fantastic production. The whole LP is just great.

    David Bedford – Instructions for Angels. With Mike Oldfield on guitar. Stunning. …
  • I'm gonna stop drinking....

    30 Sep 2005, 15:46 by captainjjb

    I’m gonna stop drinking

    Well, personally I have stopped drinking, for the whole of September I didn’t drink at all! Where’s my medal?

    “I’m gonna stop drinking” is one of the songs off the Paice Ashton Lord album “Malice in Wonderland”. This album is, IMHO, a cracker, and appeared at the time to have created it’s own genre. A sort of light hearted funky hard rock genre. I think PAL is vastly underrated. PAL appears to be seen as a failed experiment for the ex-Deep Purple drummer and keyboard player, Ian Paice and Jon Lord alongside the brilliant young guitarist Bernie Marsden (soon to be a major force in whitesnake) Paul Martinez on bass and the then there’s the singer.

    The singer, was the amazing Tony Ashton. What attracts me to Tony is that he didn’t appears to be an ordinary member of the rock’n’roll community. He was different. He managed to inject a bizarre comedic turn to some of the songs, best heard on “Silas and Jerome”. …