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There are at least 4 bands or artists with name PND :

1) Punk rock band from Latvia
2) American hip-hop band Poems & Dust (PND)
3) collaboration between producers Pempi and Drojan from UK.
4) Bulgarian electro sound group established by DJ Demon.Go and DJ JoJo

1) PND is a legendary six-piece band from Rīga, Latvia since year 1998.

Band has gone through many changes between their members and currently probably has get it's optimal version - some part of them are also members of such Latvian bands like Uz Sienas Rakstīts, Ourbreed .

Current lineup consists of:

Mārcis Pumpurs - vocals;
Agris Ernestsons - vocals;
Ronalds Seleckis - guitar;
Juris Piziks - guitar;
Didzis Pumpurs - bass guitar;
Igors Martinovs - drums.


2008 || LP "Kas tas ir - PND?"


2) PND is an American duo featuring Sareem Poems and DJ Dust started in year 2010. PND is shorthand for Poems and Dust. Two prolific artists who represent a large body of work. Poems has 4 solo records under his belt plus an extensive catalog as a key member of the group LA Symphony. His booming vocal tone is distinct and easy to recognize. Poems delivers poetic rhymes, just as his name would suggest - but it's his commanding presence on the microphone that animates his lyrics in a captivating fashion. Dust is the main man behind the boards for both Mars Ill and Deepspace5. He has a signature sound that is hard hitting and dusty - again, as his name suggests.
However, it is not the individual resumes that make this duo so impressive. Poems and Dust compliment each-others styles extremely well. It's as if the soulful down south boom-bap created by Dust has been perfectly seasoned to mesh with the essence of Poems as a lyricist. It's Los Angeles meets Atlanta and there's nothing cliche about it. Listen to how the guitars sing along with Poems and echo his words on "Give Thanks". Notice the emotional depth of heart-crys like "Lonestar", "Grace" and "Dig Deep". Pay attention to the dangerous funk on listen up or the heavy horns and gorilla drums on "Power To The People". Be amused by the playful keys and rhymes of "If You Wanna Know". Be convinced that this record was meant to be as the chemistry of Poems and Dust reaches a crescendo with "Will Not Be Sold".
Features guest appearances from Theory Hazit, Manchild of Mars Ill, Speech of Arrested Development, Sev Statik and Elias Wallace.

3) PND collaborations between / producers - Pempi and Drojan. Formed 2006 and signed to Shrill Records.

4) PND is a Bulgarian electro sound group established by DJ Demon.Go and DJ JoJo. Later other DJ's join the group (DJ Green1, DJ Sceptic, DJ ShotGun & DJ Weed Brain) and with expenditure more and more styles are added to tier sound.

5) PND, aka Pleasant Natural Disaster aka Post-Nasal Death, among other monikers, but primarily just "PND," was a punk rock band formed in Maryland in 1987. PND performed several shows from its formation until 1994 and produced multiple limited-edition cassette albums during this time. After reuniting in 1999, the band released several short, humorous tracks on Dancing Bull Productions and rereleased some tracks from 1994 otherwise attributed as The Apologizers.

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