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PLUNKLOCK is a japanese band that had its live debut in 2011/03/29.
In March 2012 they had a big European tour with 12 dates all over Europe, including Germany, Russia, France, Finland, Austria and many more where they could gain many fans. After this tour they released their first mini album "GradatioN" followed by a Japan tour.
In October 2012 they announced Kazuki (guitar) would leave the band due to personal reasons after the live "PLUNKLOCK EXPO vol.2" at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on 21/12/2012 and they continue as a trio.
Soon Seishou (who was a member of (bratnote)) joined them, so they could announce their second European tour "-EURO TOUR- "Justart episode 1"" which can be seen as a release tour for their mini-album "JUSTart".

Vo.ハロ (Hello/Haro) (ex-レム)
Gt. 政燮 (Seishou) (ex-bratnote)
Ba. 春嘉 (Haruka) (ex-ANTI-KRANKE蜂-biene白黒キネマ(support) → DragonWAPPPPPPER(support) → Medi@lize(support))
Dr.pinky (ex-ハッチニンジャマンジャパン)

ex members:
Gt.和希 (Kazuki) (ex-白黒キネマlam.(support))

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(2011.03.29) teardrop (会場限定CD)
(2011.08.31) Breakout
(2012.01.22) 「田舎に泊まろう!」pinky.和希編 (会場限定DVD)
(2012.01.30) -prototype1- (会場限定CD)
(2012.01.30) -prototype2- (会場限定CD)
(2012.01.30) 睡蓮-sample short ver.- (配布CD)
(2012.02.03) Breakout (2nd press)
(2012.04.04) GradatioN
(2012.04.21) ≠-Vo.和希 ver.- (配布CD)
(2012.05.06) 横浜ラブストーリー (しゃるろっと-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.05.15) 花葬 (L'Arc~en~Ciel-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.05.18) 太陽の碧 (DIR EN GREY-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.05.23) 睡蓮 (girugamesh-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.05.25) ホソイコエ (シド-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.05.27) 紫陽花 (シド-cover) (配布CD)
(2012.07.01) World is mine

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