• Music for week 49 of 2005

    15 Dec 2005, 10:15 by joosen

    I promised myself couple of weeks ago that I would not be buying music for the rest of the year. I managed to keep my promise for only two weeks. (Although I did cheat a little during the first week since I received the Saint-Germain-de-Prés nujazz compilations I had ordered earlier on that week.) Then I made the mistake of looking into my recommendations and decided to look further into those artists with the combination of Google, Amazon and iTMS. After couple of hours I noticed that I had (more or less) accidentially bought five albums and one EP from iTMS. Anyway, here are the purchases for week 49 of 2005:

    Two albums and one EP from Austrian duo Dzihan & Kamien. Very good combination of jazz, funk, trip-hop and lounge, with some middle eastern elements and hints of soul and funk. Higly recommended. Cover on their debut album Freaks & Icons is pretty high on my personal list of most awful album covers of all times, but don’t let it bother – the album itself is great. …