• discourse: the great daft punk album of 2001

    22 Jan 2008, 20:28 by psychic_hearts

    Discourse: Was The Great Daft Punk Album of 2001 a significant work about the cultural rationalism of robo-erotica, or a subneostructuralist precursor to the current Ed Banger metanarrative?

    Sandra Croft (cultural rationalism)
    Fraser Greenberg (subneostructuralism)

    hosted by:
    Owen Meyers (moderately amused bystander)

    Fraser Gushtiwala Greenberg wrote
    at 11:37pm on January 19th, 2008

    Sandra and I were examining cultural rationalism, and were faced with a choice: accept Justice's subsemanticist discourse or conclude that narrativity may be used to reinforce the MSTRKRFT aesthetic.

    “Sexual identity is dead,” says Sandra. "An abundance of narratives concerning the common ground between Blog House and Daft Punk coexist. However, I promote the use of Sontagist camp to deconstruct robo-eroticism."

    “Sexual identity is fundamentally used in the service of class divisions,” I said; however, according to my opposition…