• Outlaw Engine crashes into The Derby

    29 Jun 2008, 21:47 by drumdave

    Thu 26 Jun – Outlaw Engine

    This past Thursday night Outlaw Engine played the world famous Derby. It was a cool venue and has quite a bit of Hollywood history. Back in the late 90s on a trip out to LA I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy play at The Derby at the peak of the retro swing movement. So this was the first time I played a venue in LA that I had been to previously as a concert go-er.

    I had a good turnout of friends from work and since so many bands were playing The Derby that night there was a fairly good built in crowd that were able to see us for the first time.

    This was our final show with our current bassist Presi, but hopefully not our last as a band. We are working on potential replacements and if all goes well we may even be able to keep our previously booked shows. I think we will know within the next 3-4 days the fate of our remaining summer shows.

    Outlaw Engine
    The Derby
    (Los Feliz) Los Angeles, CA
    June 26, 2008

    Born In East LA
    This Woman
    Sweat Out The Sin
  • Outlaws at Universal

    2 May 2008, 09:56 by drumdave

    Mon 28 Apr – Outlaw Engine

    Announcement - http://OUTLAWENGINE.COM lives! Not sure how we will use it but for the time being it points to our myspace page.

    Monday night the Outlaws made an appearance at the Universal Bar And Grill in Universal City, CA. Jacki was able to make it out even though she had been fighting sickness the last few days. Andrew from Seven Seraphim also came to check us out. More on Seven Seraphim later.

    Our set was only 30 minutes so we had to drop a couple of songs from the set. This meant the first change in our set list since we started gigging in early April. Nate continues to line up shows so come out if you can.

    May 1 2008 12:00A
    Club Good Hurt West Los Angeles, California
    May 4 2008 8:00P
    B.B. Kings Universal City, California
    May 16 2008 12:00A
    Paladino’s Tarzana, California
    Jun 5 2008 11:00P
    14 Below Santa Monica, California
    Jun 26 2008 10:30P
    The Derby Los Feliz, California

    Outlaw Engine
    April 28, 2008
    Universal Bar & Grill
  • The Outlaws Ride Again

    21 Apr 2008, 07:21 by drumdave

    Fri 18 Apr – Outlaw Engine

    Outlaw Engine had our second show this past Friday at Paladino's. Jacki and I arrived to the venue around 8:30 just as Wil, our guitarist was pulling up. We decided to arrive early so we could load in with the band that was scheduled to go on at 9pm. This would give us time to get our gear into the club and to relax a bit before the show.

    Once gear was loaded in I was able to have a beer with Jacki and meet friends as they came into the club. This week I had quite a few more friends and co-workers show up. I probably brought out between 15-20 people to this show, even including a couple of members from my other band Spidersuit!

    I ended up traveling for work 4 of the 5 business days last week so we were only able to get in one rehearsal at 10pm on Wednesday night. I had flown in that morning from Mexico so I was running on caffeine fumes for rehearsal. Fortunately this one rehearsal was just enough to improve on the previous week's show.

  • The Outlaw Aftermath

    12 Apr 2008, 09:15 by drumdave

    Fri 11 Apr – Outlaw Engine

    Pictures available at

    We just finished our first show. I had a decent turn out of some friends from work and some business partners. Thanks to all who came, I really appreciate the support.

    We went on stage right at 10pm and played about 40 minutes. I thought our set would last longer, but given this was our first gig the adrenaline was pumping and we raced through the material.

    Outlaw Engine
    April 11, 2008
    Tarzana California

    Born In East LA
    Fool Of Law
    Big River (Johnny Cash)
    Sweat Out The Sin
    Blue Fly Whisky ->
    I Know Why
    Honey ->
    The Four Horsemen (Metallica)
    Travelin' Band (Credence Clearwater Revival)

    The funny thing is I didn't even know the names of some of these songs, and I'm seeing the titles for the first time from the printed setlist! Haha!

    Honey is by far the hardest song for me to play in the set, with numerous time changes…