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  1. Broke up. Fucking Losers.
    HOFACKER 3:16

  2. Condominium self identifies as a St. Paul band. They have 2 self released 7"s, a third on Fashionable Idiots Records, a fourth on Deer Healer Label,…

  3. Besides the hardcore punk band named Born Bad, there's also an influential series of rock'n'roll compilations called "Born Bad" that can crop up in…

  4. Omegas are a montreal based hardcore-punk band featuring an ex-member of Justice.

    The lords of slam-skank.

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  6. Nihilistic hardcore hailing from Columbus, OH.


    DEMO I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE I (self release)
    LIVE TAPE II (smoke & mirrors)
    DEMO II…

  7. There are at least 3 artists or groups with the name of Acid Reflux.

    1. A hardcore punk band from Albany, New York with releases on No Way…

  8. Slices is a hardcore punk/noiserock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    John Kasunic - guitar
    Mike Kasunic - bass
    Greg Kamerdze - vocals

  9. 1) An experimental electronic/witch house artist.

    2) HC frenzy from NYC/Mass lifers casting all optimism aside to dismantle…

  10. Pukeoid is a hardcore punk band from Indiana. Singing about deadly shit that make you want to vomit your lungs out.

  11. Raleigh, North Carolina
    They managed to start a brutal circle pit at the too cool for school ATP Nightmare Before Christmas Festival. They rock.

  12. There are two artists with the name Raw Nerve

    1) a hardcore punk band from Chicago, IL and Northwest Indiana. They have released a Demo Tape,…

  13. Nomos is 1) a hardcore punk band from Brooklyn, New York or 2) an Irish folk band.

    1) you are dust and to dust you are to return.…

  14. Fast, noisy, and angry hardcore hailing from KC, MO.

  15. The Timebombs are
    Jon L.-Vocals/
    Chris L.-Guitar/
    Aaron L-Bass/
    Joey L.-Drums/

    originated in brea, ca

    June 2009- I Belong In Hell LP (cowabunga)…

  16. Vital Error is a hardcore band from Indianapolis, IN



  17. Sex Vid (or Sex/Vid) is an American hardcore punk band hailing from Washington state, with members residing in both Seattle and Olympia, WA. They…

  18. Nazi Dust is a hardcore band from Tampa, Florida.


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