• 100,000 Scrobbles

    22 Jun 2009, 15:32 by Big_Baby_Jesus

    In a little less than three years, I've managed to ram through 100,000 scrobbles of all manner of audio enjoyment. Starting with my first track by King's X, to Onion Radio News podcasts, to a listen to the Paris Hilton CD upon release (she got the joke!) to several artists I'd never have encountered if not for Last.fm. It's been an interesting an mostly fun three years and Hundred Grand of tuneage.

    I've made some marvelous friends via Last.fm. I'd list them, but you know who you are (I hope!) and I wouldn't want to forget anyone.

    I've learned that while I like Al Stewart, I didn't realize I liked him THAT MUCH! Now, I know this. I also learned that when I get obsessed about something (Jazz) I go nuts. Lots of Jazz artists that weren't even on my radar a few years ago are high up my Last.fm charts. (Hello, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane!)

    I was going to play my first track (a song by King's X) as my 100,000th. However I was asleep at the switch and missed it! MISSED IT! So…
  • Podcasts

    9 Mar 2006, 20:24 by TomSpeed

    I've been listening to a lot of podcasts/videocasts on iTunes lately. Keith and The Girl is a really good show. I want to attend a forties and blunts party to play poker or see him tape one of his stand-up gigs. Rocketboom usually has some funny stuff. Amanda is geeky and hot. Onion Radio News is hilarious, like the site. Cinecast is a really entertaining movie review show. let's not forget Tiki Bar TV. Which podcasts do you listen to/watch?