• New Discoveries and Obsessions part 2

    13 Oct 2007, 05:10 by Seryn

    *See Part 1 for a bunch of ramblings concerning Ayreon-related bands

    After beginning the above quest for new music I decided to continue my momentum and check out a bunch of other miscellaneous discoveries. The results are as follows:

    Once And Future King:
    Listened to: Part 1
    I can't resist the concept of metal operas. While few of them exist, even the worst are amongst the finest metal around. I recently discovered this gem by Gary Hughes (Ten). While the lineup isn't ground-breaking, most of the names will still be familiar including little known favourite of mine, Damian Wilson and fellow Ayreonauts Bob Catley and Irene Jansen. The project is in general a lot more mellow than its fellows, though still typically awesome, especially the great ballads that Gary Hughes is known for. Unfortunately it seems the albums are quite difficult to get hold of, and I'm still searching for the second part

    Listened to:The Twilight Chronicles