• Urban Legends with a Musical Root

    26 Nov 2009, 06:23 by CiaoCiaoMiao

    My favorite is Ohio Players, Love Rollercoaster. As the story goes, a woman is stabbed 17 times in the neck; the creepy scream that still gives me shivers is heard during the bridge.
    Ohio Players
    Love Rollercoaster
  • Rollercoaster

    29 Aug 2008, 13:29 by TulsaMJ

    And no, I'm not talking about a Love Rollercoaster. I'm talking about the ride my MP3 player takes me on when I put it on "shuffle all". Today it made me think happy thoughts about my kids (The King of My Mountain), then it made me miss someone my family lost a couple of years ago (Smiling Down), then it rocked my world (Where the River Flows), then it made me smile a big old smile (Portrait (He Knew)). Happy to sad to jamming and back to happy in less than 20 minutes. That' just CAN'T be good for the digestion. :)
  • Goofy Music Fridays

    22 Feb 2008, 14:27 by raanve

    One of my favorite ways to end the work week is by listening to the goofiest music possible. The faster and bouncier the better. Hence, my tag .

    It's not very deep, and it certainly doesn't reflect good taste -- but I have to truck on through to the weekend somehow.

    Here are a few of my favorite guilty pleasures:

    * This Love
    * Superstar
    * It's My Life
    * First

    And not-so-guilty genuine pleasures of mine that everyone else finds goofy:

    * Love Rollercoaster
    * Livin' Thing
    * Watching Xanadu
  • Systematically abusing the power to illegally download music

    17 Jul 2006, 07:48 by GuitarManARS

    So it was a bad idea from the start to put a file-sharing program with a natural propensity towards full album downloads (Soulseek and emule, in particular) in my hands, and this has never been more true than the past week or so, during which I managed to single-handedly send eight artists and bands from extravagant wealth into crippling poverty. It's officially been two months and eight days since I started rocking out to Red Hot Chili Peppers's Stadium Arcadium, and a couple of weeks ago I realized that it is perhaps just a tad unhealthy to listen to the same twenty-eight songs over and over again for two months straight. So, with some effort, I managed to pull myself away from that, and started looking for new music--recommendations, things I'd been thinking of picking up for a while, etc.--to fill in the void that it left. Since the last time I forced the unfortunate RIAA CEO into living in a small wooden shack with my excessive downloading, I posted a journal entry about it…