• The Path To Musical Evolution 1.2.2: The Importance of Imagery in Music

    16 May 2009, 21:45 by Kronetong
    DISCLAIMER: The following text is probably rife with errors and bad taste.

    The argument could be made that music on it's own is all that should really be judged. In essence, I suppose that's true. Music itself should be judged seperately from an artist's image - there are definitely plenty of artists out there who prove that horrible artwork is no reason to assume the music is as such. Many people probably still remember the abysmal cover art of Saint Vitus' Born Too Late, an album many view as a classic of the genre. Though less significant, the hilarious doodles that serve as the artwork for the Deathhammer demos are also a prime example of artwork that betrays the music.

    Still, the majority of the time one would probably desire an image that at least fits the music. It is my sincere belief that an album's cover can greatly assist in conjuring up a certain atmosphere that improves my enjoyment of the music. …