• Playlist "Neumondklänge" vom 11.9.2012

    11 Sep 2012, 21:16 by DJ-RoseofDeath

  • The Soundtrack To My Life...Or...Another Stupid Shuffle Game

    26 Jan 2007, 23:07 by drachenzeiten

    1. Opening Title:
    Cauda Pavonis - From Dusk 'Til Dawn
    Born as a vampire?

    2. Waking Up:
    Christian Death - Believers Of The Unpure
    Such a gloomy morning ;-)

    3. First Day At School:
    Sixth Comm - Eye Of Stone

    4. Falling In Love:
    Fliehende Stürme - Höhlen sind
    Hope, I don't have to understand this!?!

    5. Fight Song:
    Ikon - The Disappeared

    6. Prom:
    EA 80 - Hörensagen
    Could have been a nice prom with german "Düsterpunk"

    7. Life's Okay:
    nachtraum - Sahel Passe

    8. Mental Breakdown:
    Obsidian Voice - Schatten der Vergangenheit
    No comment

    9. Driving:
    Cancer Barrack - Cocktail Of Emotions
    Driving in a cocktail of emotions seems to be a bad idea...Happy, that I don't drive

    10. Flashback:
    Grauzone - Wütendes Glas
    A real flashback

    11. Getting Back Together:
    R.E.M. - Why Not Smile
    Stipe's right - why not smile?

    12. Wedding:
    CLAIR OBSCUR - En avant la musique
    Another ???

    13. Birth Of A Child:
  • Leaves Of Autumn

    6 Nov 2006, 12:33 by drachenzeiten

    Last week I discussed with myself the best songs for another autumn compilation. Seems, as it depends on what atmosphere I like at the moment.

    Probably one of the best genres to listen to on grey & rainy november days is , especially that type of cold wave which was established in the north of France in the 80's.
    Groups like l'an 3, Die Bunker, Guerre froide, CLAIR OBSCUR, Trisomie 21 or the great OPERA MULTI STEEL
    (Un Froid Seul, what a song!) create an atmosphere I associate with depression, rain, falling leaves & that kind of "no future, but it's mine" I adore...
    Bonjour Tristesse!

    The other idea was a compilation of songs from
    & to more sacral, music, but always melancholic.
    My compilation would contain the following songs, besides some others, I haven't yet chosen:

    1. Annabell's Garden - Vorwärts
    2. Backworld - Leaves Of Autumn
    3. Ataraxia - Blood Of Cherries
  • The music of Obsidian Voice

    29 Jul 2006, 08:43 by Yai

    Ran across this link while surfing. Link Has some of Obsidian Voice's music in case anyone is interests. She has a beautiful voice and I love her music.
  • Obsidian Voice

    24 Apr 2006, 21:25 by opiaterein

    I discovered her when I was like 14 or 15, but I kinda lost the CD I had her songs on . . . I was thinking about her yesterday, watching a movie with a lot of German dialogue (she's from Germany and a number of her songs are in German), then I was talking about her today and went to check out her website, for the millionth time. Imagine my surprise when she's got her mp3s back up. Yay ^_^ Listening to them now. Sweet piano+vocal goodness.
  • first 3000

    9 Feb 2006, 20:17 by Yai

    Since I've hit 3000 tracks played I figured I'd do a short review of the artist on my charts... [Edit: I'll be cleaning up my profile so BoA will disappear and some artist may drop in my chart standings]

    Coldplay - The only male vocalist I like. I usually don't like Vocals at all but in Coldplay's caes I could listen to Chris Martin's vocals without any musical accomplishment and love it just as much. In fact that'd be an awesome album.

    Gorillaz - More along my tatses. Less vocal more instrumental.

    Imogen Heap - Theres too much to say about what i like about her music. If one can literally fall in love with music I have fallen from heaven for it. Shes an amazing vocalist and like Chris Martin I can listen to her vocals by themselve all day. Then on top of that her music is awing. Either Alone is enough but together they just blow my mind. Word cannot express it.

    Yuki Kajiura - Anime music, my original love. Yuki's music in particular manages to incorporate eveything I love in music. …
  • Obsidian Voice

    9 Dec 2005, 06:13 by Yai

    Kind of an obscure singer but I enjoy her music. She is actually, I think, a Russian artist but she has a few songs in english. The closest genre I could put it in is Celtic but it's definately Gothic and I see it's atttributed to a group called 'Electric Body Music' here, so I don't know whats right. But I recommend it to anyone who likes haunting / heavenly vocals.

    Obsidian Voice