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‘Music is everything, music is what I am.’

Ntjam Rosie born (18 March 1983 in Republic of Cameroon) is Camaroon-Dutch Jazz singer. She has style, she looks gorgeous and is a gifted musician: “I am an artist. Not a singer, not a sing-a-song-writer, a model or a teacher, but an artist. I dig into my cultures and make my art from them.” Her music could be labeled as Jazz or Afro. But it is more than that. She jokes: “It is 2011, that should at least make me a New Age Jazz Singer.” It is the ‘right here, right now’ quality of her compositions that makes her music exciting and meaningful. Her music takes place in the present. She does not indulge in retro elements but simply roots in them. Her songs are a perfect mix between lyrics, the chords, the music itself and the style.

"I am giving all that I am, and I am giving that with a lot of pleasure."

Ntjam Rosie is inspired by today’s Western and African cultures. “People move all over the world. We are cross cultural people and as a cross cultural community we share a sense longing. Everybody comes from somewhere and at times we still long for that place. Everybody wants to belong. That emotion is universal and belongs to today’s global lifestyle.

Got to have a little ‘umph’

In the five years following music academy Ntjam Rosie has started her own company NtjaMusic. She writes all her songs herself and composes. She is a music teacher and often tells her students that they‘ve got to have a little ‘umph’ to do it. What is ‘umph’? It is the combination of authenticity and glamour that makes her performances so vibrant, colorful and quite unforgettable. With her recently released her second album ‘Elle’ she is the rising star on the jazz charts. “I am the mirror of my music,” she says, and how fabulous is that!

Excerpt from Biography written by Gudrun Feldkamp www.100procentfeldkamp.nl

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