• Ondas del Espacio Exterior 390. Ones de l'Espai Exterior

    4 Apr 2012, 23:44 by chisco_oex

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    Tindersticks - This Fire Of Autumn (The Something Rain / City Slang 2012)
    Xiu Xiu - Hi (Always / Bella Union 2012)
    The Black Keys - Gold On The Ceiling (El Camino / Nonesuch Records 2011)
    Novak - De lo malo lo peor (Del limbo al desierto / Autoeditado 2011)
    Pegasvs - Brillar (Pegasvs / Canada 2012)
    El Estudiante Larry - Mete mete (Recristo-Mete mete / Autoeditado 2012)

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    Fotomatón Bar

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  • Great UK towns and cities: number 18 - Birmingham

    10 Mar 2007, 16:29 by Unwashed


    Population: 970,892
    Festive Fifty bands/artists: 14
    Chances of someone from Birmingham producing something good: 1:69,349

    Unlike London, Britain’s second city has had a slightly diminishing population since 1981, when it topped the million mark. Its significance as a musical centre has perhaps been under-played over the years and Birmingham has certainly pulled its weight among Britain’s big cities in terms of the production of musical talent. Given its size, though, it must be said that, in comparison with the great metropolitan centres, Birmingham has under-achieved, even if a recent revival of fortunes appears to be afoot.

    This is despite producing some very fine bands, among them a brace of practitioners very much in the Stereolab mould and none the worse for it: Broadcast and L’augmentation, the first who’ve become regulars in recent years, the latter putting in a single, highly memorable, appearance in 1998 with the fantastic “Soleil”. Convincingly French as they sounded, they were brummies. …
  • Sad news ... but Sweden makes everything better

    24 Jan 2007, 14:38 by nooshie

    For those of you whose shoulders I haven't already cried on, JimBob Jr, my ipod, died about two weeks ago. We've had some good times together, travelled the world (and suburban Melbourne), but it seems that his time had come (damn you, engineered obsolesence!). I've since ordered a shiny new replacement, but you never forget your first ipod.

    On the up side, I have just returned from a week in Sweden (actually, it was meant to be six days, but when I got to the airport yesterday, I waited around for several hours before they chose to mention that all communications were down, so all planes were cancelled. Not only did they have no idea when communications would be back up, but they couldn't re-book us on flights because they had no working phone or computer system. Still, Skavstva airport does a very nice kofte sandwich and they let you drink red wine while lying in a sleeping bag on the floor, which most other public places won't), and though I would have done a lot better if I'd had…
  • Songs that (nearly or actually) made me cry

    20 Nov 2006, 01:28 by Bazon_B

    It's a little bit ironic my first Journal entry is about lyrics, or better said about songs where lyrics matter.
    Most of the time, lyrics aren't important for me - either the music I listen to has no lyrics at all (all kinds of electronic music...) or I don't really understand them (cause the lyrics are in japanese or in french....).

    But OK, this is an entry about songs with lyrics that touch me. I haven't selected the songs listed here by myself, these actually are the songs I cried to hearing them at least once. Making one cry is of course not the only strong emotion music can cause, but still it is special. I don't use to cry normaly, music is almost the only thing that made me cry at least for a long time and this makes it even more special for me.

    But OK again, I should finally start!

    And so I do with Vashti Bunyan: She's the one who made the most start-Bazon-crying-songs, actually the whole Just Another Diamond Day album has this bias. …
  • Latest Finds

    26 Mar 2006, 11:11 by nooshie

    After a long absence, I started trying to work through the backlog of new RSS feeds from mp3 blogs yesterday, and within half an hour I had already discovered several new (to me) bands that I was very excited about.

    Suggested listening:

    The Antennas - I was put onto this song by Music For Robots and since then downloaded everything else they have available from their website. I like the track MFR has ("Adapt!") better than the older stuff (released under the name Novak, but it's all catchy stuff. As I often say (and I always mean it as the highest compliment), chuck it on the car stereo and go for a drive with the windows down.

    I accidentally discovered The Ride Theory while browsing through Not Lame, the best online CD store I have ever seen. The new album, "In this City" was reviewed and had the magic word (Sloan) in the first paragraph so I tracked down a few more mp3s from their website. The review also made comparison to various other bands (I won't bother listing them all…