• Humming one of your songs

    8 Feb 2007, 04:33 by Manseeson
    borrowed from these guys

    Yes, here at KarlRuben', we don't flinch back from our nerd credentials! Even though our own cards are stashed away in an attic somewhere, never to see light of day again, it doesn't take more than a Google Image Search to confirm that indeed, precious little has changed in the seven years or so since we last touched a Sorcery. Also, this was oddly fitting, both in name and function, to the topic of this entry. With that out of the way, it's time to leave the royal We behind - here's your cull of the week!

    * Beach House - Apple Orchard
    Yes, this is right at the top of my Overall Top Tracks list right now, next to another song that I absolutely love (more on that below). In Beach House's case, though, it's more inertia than anything else that's kept this song on the list for so long. Maybe it's because I haven't listened to the lyrics, or maybe it works better in the context of an album…