• February 4th: On this Day

    4 Feb 2006, 18:06 by tenderbranson69

    2004, Police questioned Noel Gallagher after a photograph of him trespassing on a railway line appeared in a newspaper. The Oasis guitarist was in a studio in Cornwall recording the bands new album when he took a walk along the railway line. British Transport Police said 'he was setting a bad example.'

    2003, Courtney Love was arrested at Heathrow airport for 'endangering an aircraft' on a transatlantic flight. The singer was said to have hurled abuse at the cabin crew on the flight from Los Angeles to London after her nurse who was in an economy seat was barred access to sit with Love in the upper class cabin.

    2000, Bjorn Ulvaeus confirmed that the members of
    ABBA had turned down a $1 billion (£0.58 billion) offer by American and British consortium to reform the group. “It is a hell of a lot of money to say no to, but we decided it wasn’t for us,” band member Benny Andersson told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.
  • DVD – Ian Brown – Greatest Promos

    17 Dec 2005, 17:37 by deaner82

    Yippeee!! Guess what?!? The Ian Brown dvd i ordered from Amazon already came in today, even though the amazon site said it wouldn’t be there before after the new year! I guess they’ve just been precautious… I don’t mind.. gives me a nice surprise on a dull saturday afternoon on which i’m supposed to study ;-)
    Obviously i had to watch it straight away, as i've hardly ever seen any promos by Mr. Brown. Some of em are real ace (like Be There (UNKLE), Corpses in Their Mouths, Keep What Ya Got (with Noel Gallagher) & My Star (cuz its got lots of The Man himself). I don’t know what the makers aim was in the Golden Gaze video, but it really made me laugh! Its seems really low budget, as if they were just fooling around and oh yeah.. also shooting a promo. But i find that in its advantage.
    As for the live performances at the end of the DVD (3 @ TOTP, 2 @ Jools Holland and one @ Dom Jolly (never heard of the latter btw)), most of em didn’t really make me feel happy. King Monkeys live qualities are not best known for his voice. …
  • Be Here Now CD Review

    11 Nov 2005, 23:09 by LINK2K9

    Be Here Now
    Liam Gallagher-Lead Vox
    Noel Gallagher-Lead Guitarist, Backing Vox
    Alan White-Drums/Percussion
    Paul McGuigan(Guigsy)-The Bass
    Paul Arthurs(Bonehead)-Backing Guitar
    Sony Music Entertainment
    Epic Records(US)
    Creation records(UK)

    Remember back in the summer of 97? Oasis was the biggest band in the world. After successfully releasing their sophomore effort,(What’s The Story)Morning Glory?,everybody was excited for Be Here Now. What was a good album because of hype and press attention turned out to be a flop compared to Oasis’ first two efforts.

    I’ll be honest in saying I cannot remember Oasis in 97.Why? For one I wasn’t into music at the time. For two the few bits and pieces of music I listened to was bands like N’Sync(Yes I’ll admit I listened to that). As a later Oasis fan(Mk.II) I was very eager to buy Be Here Now after listening to Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory for the first time. Needless to say press hype and media attention(Both good and bad)did not sway my interest for Be Here Now.
  • Noel Gallagher Criticizing Modern Hip-Hop

    29 Sep 2005, 13:13 by mkarim

    I agree with this guy...

    Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has launched a scathing attack on modern hip-hop artists for their violent and misogynistic lifestyle.

    Gallagher reckons the current wave of rap and R&B stars are badly dressed, sexist and hypocritical and branded them "idiots".

    He said: "What's masquerading itself as hip-hop-slash-R&B is horrible. These guys will go on the telly going, 'Hey kids, stay in school, don't do drugs,' and then they'll be shooting each other down at the shopping mall.

    The Mancunian fumed "The disregard for women, stuff like that, I find it quite sickening. And the clothes they wear, and it's all about 'Me, me, me.' Give it a rest you bunch of idiots."

    Source: Virgin Music News