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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Formed in 1986, No Remorse was a group part of the scene, which was focused around frontman Paul Burnley. He was not the original vocalist. The original singer can be heard in tracks 1 to 5 on the bands 1987 demo release, but songs 6 to 9 have Burnley. Born as Paul Bellaney, he replaced the original vocalist soon after the band formed.

In 1988, their debut album, 'This Time The World', was released. The group's line-up for this was Paul Burnley on vocals, Mark and Sean on guitars, Archie on bass, and Stew on drums. The Jewish Chronicle stated that this was the "most evil record ever produced".

In the following year 1989 for the See You in Valhalla album the line up was Paul on vocals, Mark on guitars, Gary on bass and Rob on drums. This was still the same for the New Storm Troopers and Blood Against Gold albums released in the same year.

1990 saw the band play for the first time abroad. Performing first in Ottawa, Canada, and then at Aryan Fest in Oklahoma, USA. Their show was recorded by Tom Metzger WAR (White Aryan Resistance) organisation and later broadcast via cable TV throughout the USA.

In 1991 No Remorse played in Brandenburg, Germany. This concert was the largest ever the band had played to. Later that year Aussie Nigel Brown (Celtic Warrior, Ravens Wing, Wolfseye) joined the band.

In 1992, No Remorse was scheduled to hold a concert in Spain with the Welsh band Violent Storm. When they arrived in Spain, they received word of the death of all Violent Storm band members except the singer, and they dedicated the concert to their memory. Again in 1992 they accompanied the Swedish band Dirlewanger at another Brandenburg concert festival. In September they traveled to California again with Dirlewanger, where they performed together and recorded the album Desert Storm.

In 1993, No Remorse performed in Czechoslovakia, where they were the first non-Czech RAC related band to play in Czechoslovakia. Later they also played in Poland with Konkwista 88. In November 1993, No Remorse played a gig in London and performed their tribute song, The Flame That Never Dies. Which was written for and about Ian Stuart Donaldson who died the month previous.

In April 1994, Farewell Ian Stuart was recorded, and they signed with Nordland Records and Movement Records. Under Nordland Records, they recorded the album Under The Gods. Later that year, they performed at a tribute to Ian Stuart in Racine, Wisconsin, USA. accompanied by Bound for Glory, Centurion, RaHoWa and Berserkr. Following the concert, Joe Rowan, singer of Nordic Thunder, was murdered at a petrol/gas station.

In 1995, Nordland Records released Under The Gods, and Resistance Records released The Best of No Remorse. Which was a total new re-recording of their songs. Movement Records encountered economic troubles and sold the band rights to the album Skinhead Army to Nordland Records.

Paul took part in a Channel 4 (UK) documentary called World Of Skinhead. This was originally scheduled to be shown as part of a "Skinhead evening" of TV programmes. In this, Paul represented the "far-fight" viewpoint of skinheads.

In 1996, The Winning Hand (the re-named version of European Skinhead Army) was released. Paul with the Swedish band Svastika recorded a project album called Carry The Flame, under the band name Kindred Spirit.

On the 1st November 1996, ten years after being with the band, Paul Burnley decided to leave the band No Remorse. At the same time another band was started under the name "No Remorse" but with Big Jacko on vocals. They released a sub-quality album called Barbecue in Rostock. Whilst having extreme lyrics the quality of the recording was nothing like the original band. With a few more releases this band continued for a few more years. But many people believe that the history of No Remorse ended with Paul Burnley leaving the band.

After No Remorse, Paul released a CD under the band name No Fear titled Still Got The Power with the musician Nigel Brown in 1999. In 2000 Paul did the voice-over to a CD titled Skrewdriver The Rockumentary via Migard Records. This charted the rise and end of Skrewdriver and Ian Stuart. In 2002 Paul Burnley wrote the book "Nazi Rock Star" about the life of Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver under the author name Paul London. This was produced by the Swedish label Midgard. Since then Paul has disappeared from the scene.

Paul Burnley also sang in the project bands of Public Enemy, No Fear, Kindred Spirit, Stormbringer and Paul Burnley & The Fourth Reich.

2) No Remorse was a hardcore-punk band based in Wichita, Kansas. The band released a demo in 2010 and an EP, “Destruction and Rage” in 2011.

3) As to Ammunition Recs' website "No Remorse", signed to Ammunition Recordings, is Vitaly Kholodov. His music is described as D'n'B.

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