• Dibder's 2010: Summer/Autumn

    26 Aug 2010, 17:41 by CvaldaVessalis

    Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great summer... Mine was actually pretty hectic to say the least, but a ton of fun! Gig-wise, only managed to see P!nk in Ireland with a couple of mates back in June and, whilst it was certainly one of the more professional shows I have yet seen and the pop-rock star certainly does hoof her way around the stage with great momentum (the big highlight being her encore of So What, which saw her propelled over the stadium crowd in steel-hoop harness, spinning herself into a dizzying frenzy), the event itself left me a little cold, despite the blazing heat of the sunny weather. Her supports included Hockey (who happened to be very good, despite the non-plussed crowd reaction), Butch Walker and his Black Widows band (who happened to be quite milquetoast for a hard-rock band, not that the crowd seemed to mind) and Ireland’s premier commercial radio DJ (whose name has been banished from my memory forever).

  • Music I liked in May 2009

    20 Jun 2009, 18:13 by falc0n2600

    This is a repost of my livejournal from May 31st:

    I think I'm going to start a monthly Month in Review of new music I have acquired, whether or not it has been recently released. At the very least I will do this month.

    Thee Oh Sees - Help

    This shit's pretty tight, I just got the new Wooden Shjips album though, so it was kinda overshadowed by that. It's psychedelic fragile sounding, all waving around and stuff. I like it but I gotta listen to it more.

    Thelonious Monk - Monk's Dream (1962)

    DAMN I wish I had gotten this sooner!! Monk sounds like how I do when I'm trying to figure out a song on piano, except in fast motion and he's waaay better. Just lovely!!

    Ornette Coleman - The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959)

    I am REALLLLY kicking myself over this one!! The opening track is one of the best songs I've ever heard, and the whole album has that great quality of sounding not quite real, like they somehow threw together random notes and out came something beautiful. …
  • Some albums i like part 21: Indie Rock

    5 Jan 2007, 19:34 by geheza

  • Thoughts On Leaving

    9 Dec 2006, 10:13 by riemann42

    I keep coming back to On Leaving (filed under Nina Nastasia).

    1) Jim's Room

    For a month I wasn't me
    A thief would wait for me outside
    And there were nights I would let him in

    I remember when I was a child being a different person each week. My identity, supported by a cast of imaginary characters was flexible and confused. My clearest memories are of internal dialogs, nightmares and dreams.

    I listen to this track and think back to those days. Nina's description of (presumably) her childhood is simple and moving. She paints an image of one moment in time, playing with Francis (who she seems to associate with taking a bath). Her father is in the next room smoking and painting pictures of the smoke. She is alone, at least in her head.

    2) Brad Haunts a Party

    When they came along
    We had lots of fun
    But we left the light too soon
    And we don't get around
    Like we used to do

    I think back to the song Nobody Knew Her (from her first album Dogs) in which Nina sings…
  • Recent gigs and that shit NME article

    27 Nov 2006, 15:36 by beardmasteruk

    I went to some gigs this weekend.

    Friday me and MagicSword were at Taylor John's House in Coventry seeing the might Nina Nastasia. Andy (who I used to live with, now in Japan blogging here: introduced me to here a few years ago by giving me a CD of various Peel sessions. More recently I'd got a copy of The Blackened Air and had really enjoyed that. Unfortunately I've not listened to either Dogs or her new one On Leaving. It's probably a testament to how damn good her and her backing band (composed almost entirely of members of The Cape May who'd been first support and were pretty good) were that I enjoyed it more than any gig I've been to for 6 months despite only knowing 1 song from the entire set. Three thumbs up for Nina Nastasia then.

    Also there was Jeffrey Lewis who, despite being kind of a stereotype of what you imagine a modern Brooklyn beatnick hipster to be, seems to play in Birmingham on an almost bi-monthly basis. …