• New Madrid Faults and Black Landlord

    1 Apr 2009, 16:18 by ropeadope

    Hey Ropeadope Fans!

    What's up?!
    New Madrid Faults' single entitled 'Hopeless' which will be featured on their upcoming album "Concerning Small Town Abberations", was released on last Monday. You can buy it HERE

    Besides, on the 7th of April it will be Black Landlord's turn and they are gonna ROCK your world! Yes, exactly. Rolling Stone describes describes this 9 piece musical machine as “what would happen if KRS One and James brown showed up at your house and then wouldn’t leave”. We just say it’s the best fucking record we’ve put out in years, highly anticipated from coast to coast this is pure Big Band Hip-Hop Soul Music from the city of Brotherly love.
    Their debut album "Addicted to Distraction" will be available next week. Be sure to catch it because you really DON'T want to miss it!!

    Keep coming back for more information.

    Stand strong