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There are 3 bands with the name 'Neutrino':

(1) A Tokyo based jazzy groove duo.
(2) A math rock trio from Chicago.
(3) Czech laptop musician.
(4) Russian Aggrotech Act

(1) Neutrino is the Tokyo based jazzy groove duo of Atsuhiro Murakami and Dj Kuro. They have been hosting abstract beat events in Japan since '96 and have been featured with performers such as Michiharu Shimoda (Silent Poets), Takayuki Shiraishi (R&S), Dollop (Swim), Dj Force, Dj Denca & Itaru, Oxigen Funk cru, Kizeno-hito cru and Junglegym. Never ones to clutter their work, Neutrino relies on their patented phat and minimal sound to deliver moody hip-hop instrumentals influenced by the styles of Shadow, Krush, and Vadim. Their production's understated beauty has the ability to change the mood of a room; their melodies embed in your brain. Neutrino delivers the perfect blend of abstract and accessible.

(2) ike the subatomic particle, the band is definitely hard to pin down. The Chicago trio makes predominately instrumental rock dominated by dark strange chord progressions and minor keys. It's kind of dark, like Slint, and kind of bizarre and mathy, like Sweep The Leg Johnny, but it possesses a language all of its own which you need to hear in order to remotely understand.
The neutrino rarely interacts with other particles, and here we might draw another comparison in that Neutrino the band reached few ears during their brief existence. The group's members, who emerged from the ruins of Midwestern heavy rock bands Lustre King, Pencil, and Big'n, recorded only a couple of albums before diverging again to play in Emperor Penguin and Runner. The first was 1998's Improved Hearing through Amplification, and the second, 99's rather misleadingly titled Motion Picture Soundtrack, which featured "Back to the Map."

(3) And Third Neutrino are from Czech Republic. Neutrino project creates music and sounds on the edges of the electronical music spectrum. Genre eclecticism and electronic experiments, looking for possibilities of genres as down-tempo, abstract hip-hop, ambient or post-dub is what could describe it. He uses sampling technique and lo-fi aesthetics (clicks, glitches). He works with fragments of well-known music sources remade and thereafter set up to new contexts. Uses field recordings superimposed to rhythm base in so called "cut-up" collages. The last album Cosmix Songs has been realized by Muteme label in 2006. In this time he is working on country hip-hop project COLD-BOY-KLAN.
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