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    16 Mar 2015, 16:02 by Krabat0815

    Kraene - Kraene

    Kraene is a four member instrumental post rock band from Leipzig Germany. I know their guitarist Martin for a quite long time now and remember when our former bands had a gig together. He was doing something like grunge these days which never was my kind of music. However, our recent bands had a gig together in early 2013 and after listening to a few post metal and post rock bands during the last years I was really curious to hear his new band when I read that they are playing this kind of music.

    The show took place in the narrow and dark basement of a youth center and this was just the perfect basis for them to roll out their sound carpet. They had no breaks between their songs, so the created atmosphere didn’t break down and therefore it was just catchy and I believe everybody got lost within the music. One day I read that they are recording their stuff and so I was pretty nosy if they are able to capture the feeling from their live shows.