• Digging up the J-underground for your listening pleasure.

    6 Feb 2007, 04:48 by djgizmoe

    Hate to toot my own horn (again) about my Last.FM pimping, but this week I've been able to make some new wacky J-indies stuff available for streaming on Last.FM (and yes it's shameless self-promoting, but I don't get paid a yen by anybody for doing it...).

    First up I've got E.D.U.'s most recent release, some goofy garage rock out of Tokyo. I went to their concert a few years back in Kawasaki, and was pleased to find lead guitarist Hiro on a between-song anti-Bush rant that had me in stitches. Think Blue Hearts meets Collectors if that means anything to you....

    Then we've got a crazy spoken word / electronica release from infamous Nagoya performance artist Kitayama Minako, an ultra-rare CD recorded in conjunction with her Murmur installation. Whether she's pouring pancake batter down her undies or playing sax in the girl group Chimpira (no relation to the punk band), Mina is one fascinating avant-gardener. I mean just check out Murmur - Track 5...

  • Final C@NCEPT night & Yet more J-indies hip-hop and electronica streamable through…

    27 Jan 2007, 05:34 by djgizmoe

    The one outlet for my huge CD collection has been my monthly DJing at Numazu C@NCEPT, a tiny hipster cafe in Otemachi. Well, with me heading for Kyoto, last night was my last night providing loungie BGM at this little oasis of culture. My coworker Greg and I went together, and after a quick dinner at Cafe Bamboo we shuffled in a few minutes after eight.

    While DJing in my little corner, I was again able to talk with Nel Hate, the guy behind High Low Who? Productions (an abstract hip-hop and electronica label based in Shizuoka), and he agreed to basically make all of his catalog streamable on Last.FM, which I've already started doing on my LMD label. Just uploaded mocc's new album, a young hip-hop producer from Mishima who is amazingly still in high school! I also found out that Electro 5 Finger, my current fave on his label is from Hokkaido, and also quite young (only 18), and that he and Nel are working on a house CD together. THAT should be interesting...

    Anyway, I finished up my set with a little
  • Now officially a Last.FM pimp daddy.

    19 Jan 2007, 06:01 by djgizmoe

    I am proud to say that after talking with Mitsuru Fujimoto yesterday, he has given me the go ahead to upload some of his label's newest stuff onto LMD, my Last.Fm faux-label. For those of you cats not hep to the Shizuoka scene (what little there is of one), Mitsuru (aka Nel Hate/M. Fujimoto (Nel) puts out a pretty accomplished mix of emotive and unusual hip-hop, electronica, and experimental stuff, and I'm pretty damn pleased to be able to bring his posse's work into the Last.FM limelight. I'd definitely recommend Time To Rock for DJ Shadow fans, especially the mega-addictive The New Nerml...

    Time To Rock
    The alphabet EP
    Electro 5 Finger
  • Techno in Numazu

    18 Jun 2006, 03:05 by djgizmoe

    Alright with the better half and son gone for the week, the cat was away and I did play. Tokyo beckoned, but reason (and wallet) were against me, so I instead decided to hit up the Ken Ishii event in nearby Numazu.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the Eastern Shizuoka region of Japan (and that's probably most of you), you probably have no clue what a big deal a big event is in Numazu. So despite my reservations regarding Mr. Ishii's recent (mediocre) work, despite the rain and my fatigue at having just circumnavigated Mt. Fuji by 50cc scooter the same day (a long, beautiful f*cking drive), I and he-who-is-known-as Geoha hopped on the train to Numazu...only to find...

    Some very friendly local J-hip-hoppers beckoning to us from the mouth of the venue (Gaia: WTF?!? Cancelled? Wrong date? Brain fart? Dispiritedly Geoha and I headed to the "Silver" something or other, a country-western flavored shot bar around the corner, to drown our woes in tequila and whiskey shots.
  • September 2005

    24 Sep 2005, 03:12 by djgizmoe

    Sort of ups and downs this month on the musical front. Went to Osaka and tried to get in to see Corrupted, but the place (the infamous Bears ( was so full, I and my friend gave up and just chilled at the Cafe Absinthe ( down the street. I picked up Naoki Kenji's album on Electrolux, and was somewhat bummed by it's rather unexceptional Sakamoto Ryuichi-ish flavor. Fortunately, I picked up the newest Nel Hate CD, I melancholic combo of emo and hip-hop well worth tracking down. The bed calls...