• Calgary Folk Fest 2010: YEAH, MEH, BLEH

    4 Aug 2010, 21:55 by FilmoreHolmes
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    It was over a decade since I was last in Calgary, not since I turned 18, the legal drinking age in the province of Alberta. Between our disastrous and sinister Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose riding is Calgary Southwest, and the reputation of the Stampede, I had built up some negative impressions of the city over the years that had, up to this point, given me all the excuses I'd needed to avoid revisiting. Plus, as a BC boy born and raised, and thus a longtime fan of the Vancouver Canucks, there is that whole division rivalry thing. Fate will have its way, though. And, indeed, when the opportunity to cover the Calgary Folk Music Festival came my way, I felt something pushing me to expand my horizon a bit.

    Braving a horrendous 16-hour Greyhound bus ride to get there, my effort was rewarded with a fantastic festival experience. …
  • CAUGHT LIVE -- Liam Finn & Eliza-Jane @ The Majestic 10/4/09

    12 Oct 2009, 04:07 by heyadamo

    Sun 4 Oct – Liam Finn & Eliza-Jane Barnes

    This performance was an anomaly in quite a few ways. For one, it was held the same day as Madison's annual marijuana legalisation rally. For another, it was a break in Liam and Eliza Jane's regular schedule, which consists of warming up for Wilco. Whereas the duo would probably get 30-45 minutes tops in their supporting role, here as headliners they had all the time they needed. Although the crowd of 40-50 people was sparse, Liam & Eliza-Jane treated them to a freewheeling, good-natured 90 minutes of upbeat pop-rock.

    The duo are supporting the recently released Champagne & Seashells and so began proceedings with the first two songs of that. The rest of the set alternated between the EP and Liam's solo debut I'll Be Lightning with a few surprises here and there. Although Liam's known by some as Neil Finn's dad or Tim Finn's nephew, his stage approach differed slightly from his elder relatives manning Crowded House and Split Enz. The billing of the duo was completely accurate: there was no opening act, and the two handled all the vocals and instrumental duties. In order to do this, the two leaned heavily on a bank of pedals, effects and machines, almost like a electronica act. Eliza-Jane stood in front of a bevy of percussion tools, as well as a box that triggered sound loops, and provided vocal assistance. Meanwhile, Liam sang and played guitar, and technology intervened when he felt a song needed a little extra oomph towards the end. He would play a main guitar line, loop it, discard his guitar and rush to the nearby drum kit. …
  • The Drones guest program RAGE (plus Gareth Liddiard on Rockwiz too)

    23 Feb 2009, 10:35 by BlackCoffeeDuck

    The Drones were on the T.V. this past weekend on RAGE, an ABC music show which has been going over 25 years here in Australia. What happens if you live somewhere else (why? but that is your problem not mine) RAGE asks an artist or band to pick their favorite video clips and they talked about songs and why they have picked them for this or that reason. The Drones were very funny, They picked Billy Bob Thornton song called Angelina which they haven't heard but said Brad Pitt should cover it, well maybe you had to be there. The show takes place on late Saturday night and now for an hour in the morning, It's the best TV show ever.

    Gareth Liddiard was also on Aussie music quiz show Rockwiz a few weeks ago too. At the start of this show Gareth played Oh My then sitting down he was asked what was his first album he ever bought with his own money which he answered with Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms but later in the show a bit called Master-blaster which the guest is asked to pick a topic to be quizzed on. …
  • Top 10 Albums Of 2004 (That I Own)

    18 Jun 2008, 16:23 by darren86

    The following are the top 10 albums of 2004 that I currently own. I probably own more than 10 albums from that year, but these are my favourites.

    Note 1: I will be including compilations, live albums, ep's, re-issues etc, but no singles.

    Note 2: If I do only own 10 from this year, the releases towards the end of the list may not be favourites of mine at all, but the best I do have from that year.

    Note 3: If you think my list sucks, or needs improvements, please feel free to RECOMMEND me albums from 2004 and I will certaintly try to listen to them and give my opinions.

    All comments welcome.

    1. Com Lag: 2plus2isfive

    I currently own 4 of Radiohead's EP's. Although 'My Iron Lung' is, in my opinion the best, 'Com Lag' is the most interesting, and I prefer listening to it than 'Airbag/How Am I Driving' (although that is awesome too).
    The live version of '2+2=5' is breathtaking, and the remixes of the HTTT songs are all brilliant, even if a little hard to get into at first ('Remyxomatosis').
  • Lists!

    9 Jun 2008, 23:21 by lisathelugubrious

  • One Star Shining Can Turn Back the Time

    10 May 2008, 04:36 by zeppyfish

    So instead of doing a kind of gimmicky meme, I thought I'd just hit shuffle on iTunes and write about each track as I was listening to it.

    First up, Grapefruit Moon by Tom Waits. I am periodically astounded by how beautiful Tom Waits' music can be. Obviously he's better known to the average person as "the guy with the gravelly voice," but then you listen to something like this and you realize he really is right up there with guys like McCartney and Bacharach, a true genius of pop songwriting. Don't believe me? Listen with an open mind to the album "Heart of Saturday Night." Gorgeous.

    Next track is I Found a Reason by Cat Power from the Covers Record she did awhile back. Not the new one, which is also mostly covers. This is from the simple piano/aching voice period. It's a Velvet Underground song originally, but like so many of her covers, you'd never guess the original source unless you knew already. I don't know this one very well, but it fits the mood I'm in right now. Nice.
  • Southwestern Slang

    11 Aug 2007, 00:43 by morphoeugenia

    I've noticed that there are these movies which I feel indicate life in the American southwest has a romantic, life-is-one big-trailer-park theme to them. The southwest abounds with freaks, Hispanics and people with no teeth. It's great. And I think there should be a soundtrack to this the often gross oversimplification of my stroke inducing state, the big A.Z. Where the tumbleweeds, barbecue joints, mules, Honda Civics and meth addicts roam.

    The Painted Desert
    Misguided Angel
    Big House, Part III
    Rock And Bird
    I'm Gonna Soothe You
    when he calls me kitten
    When The Day Is Short
    Blue Bayou (Remastered LP Version)
    Peggy Sue
    Minor Swing
    The Maker
    Harvest Moon
    I Was in the AirSweet Dreams
    If You've Got the Money, I've Got the Time
    La Carcacha
    He's so Fine
  • ニール師匠にうっとり

    10 Aug 2007, 13:26 by kajimaro


    Harvest Moon

  • Lieblingslied Mai 2007

    2 Jun 2007, 08:10 by mehlesser

  • Life as a Soundtrack 2

    11 Apr 2007, 13:51 by Bartaci

    I did a new one, because the last one suck'd.

    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and a lot of the songs fit with the setting

    Opening Credits - Bliss

    Waking Up - The Nobodies

    First day at school - Ceramic

    Falling in love - Do What You Want

    Fight song - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

    Breaking up - Families

    Prom - I don't fell like Dancin'

    Life - Lithium

    Mental breakdown - Change of Ideas

    Flashback - Nageki no kane

    Getting back together - Evening Prayer

    Wedding - Vermillion

    Birth of child - Dal

    Final battle - Siva

    Death scene - Renegades of Funk

    Funeral scene - The Worst Is Yet To Come

    End credits - Harvest Moon