• Concert Record [DurrD]

    8 Feb 2010, 03:32 by DurrD

  • Wreck-oh-men-day-shuns

    13 Nov 2008, 22:54 by Kapitankraut

    1. Vybz Kartel - "Badda Dan Dem"
    Some proper honest-to-goodness dancehall. It's entirely a-cerebral stuff, but there's something great fun about hearing people recite crazy lyrics in Jamaican patois. I haven't heard much of Vybz before, and he's quite talented. "Badda dan dem by far/Badda dan dem by near" kind of sums the entire track up.

    2. Turbulence - "Notorious"
    Some more dancehall, but this time with a sort of RnB hook in there as well, which Vybz' track didn't have. This is a performer I've never heard of before, and while the production is a bit wonky, I'm surprised I haven't picked his sound up before. Good stuff.

    3. Richie Spice - "Marijuana"
    Why not have some more reggae, while you're at it? This is still dancehall-based, but there's a much rootsier feel to the track. I've heard a bit of Richie's work before, and his voice is definitely a standout. More good stuff here. Just remember that this man's brothers are Pliers and Spanner Banner among others…
  • Winamp prawdę Ci powie

    12 May 2008, 06:52 by taivan90

    1. Jak świat mnie postrzega?
    Kanye West - Slow Jamz
    powolny jestem?

    2. Czy będę prowadzić szczęśliwe życie?
    Natural Black - Memories of Life
    tylko wspomnienia szczęśliwego życia? ;(

    3. Co myślą o mnie przyjaciele?
    Adam Clayton - Mission Impossible
    taki niemożliwy jestem?

    4. Czy ludzie pożądają mnie w sekrecie?
    Pete Rock-rock steady
    steady. and go.

    5. Jak mogę się uszczęśliwić?
    D12 - Pimp Like Me
    mam zostać alfonsem?

    6. Co powinienem zrobić z własnym życiem?
    Timbaland and Magoo-indian carpet
    zawinąć się w dywan. indyjski. okej.

    7. Dlaczego życie jest tak bolesne?
    Republika - Kombinat
    za dużo kombinuję.

    8. Co zrobić by przyjemność czerpana z seksu była jak
    Jamiroquai - When You Gonna Learn
    okej. jeszcze więcej się uczyć.

    9. Czy kiedykolwiek będę mieć dzieci?
    White Zombie - One Big Crunch
    jedno i to duże. łoł.

    10. Jakaś dobra rada dla mnie?
    Bobby Digital - throw your flag up
    nie mam flagi...

    11. Mój fetysz.
  • Fire a Blaze to Burn Down the Empire!

    3 May 2007, 19:02 by jvglion

    Four of the great, bright, and rising / talents from Jamaica & Carribbean will be arriving this weekend to Washington, D.C. to The Crossroads Night Club this weekend. I am disappointed I'll have to miss it. Greensleeves artists including Fantan Mojah, Chuck Fenda "The Poor People Defenda", Natural Black, and the great Anthony B will be here for the Higher Meditation & Living Fire Tour.

    When I hear these artists either on Last.FM, my car, Mp3 player, or see them on TV, etc. it's nothing short of refreshing to see how reggae is making a huge resurgence in social consciousness and bringing the fire to Babylon. I'm tired of slackness and novelty acts. What do I mean 'novelty'? I'm not adverse to non-Jamaican or non-Rasta artists, however, too often the novelty of reggae music outweighs the fire, the passion, and message of consciousness artists such as these four bring to the music. For example, at one point…