• solipsistic NATION No. 65: Mad Scientist

    23 Nov 2007, 21:19 by solipsisticast


    Electronic music has become so common place that no one bats an eye when you hear it. Nearly all of Madonna’s music, for example, is electronic, but she’s about as mainstream as you can get. But electronic music wasn’t always that way. Long before the early days of hip hop and long before the day’s of Kraftwerk, electronic music was the domain of composers such as Edgard Varèse.

    With "Poème Électronique”, Varèse experimented with electronic sounds, natural instrumentation and recorded sounds. But even Varèse owes a debt to the , and , all of which were trying to go beyond the constraints of what music was supposed to be. And in time, these experimental approaches were incorporated and adopted into the mainstream.

    On today’s show, we’re going to pay homage to the trailblazers in sound. I hope you enjoy the journey.

    Photo credit: TrailofTerror
  • solipsistic NATION No. 57: Accretions

    28 Sep 2007, 18:03 by solipsisticast


    I’m constantly contacting record labels to send me promotional CDs so I can deliver to you the finest in all genres of electronic music. Recently I received a batch of experimental electronic music CDs from Accretions, an artist-based independent music label with an ear towards experimental, improvisational and global sounds. When I checked the mailing address I was surprised to find that they are based in San Diego, California.

    I regard San Diego as a patch of paradise in the US. The city is absolutely beautiful. The weather is always clement and the people are warm and friendly. But San Diego is definitely not a metropolitan city. In fact, San Diego is often referred to as a big city that think it’s a small town, so you can appreciate my wonder that San Diego is also the home to a record label that offers some of the most innovative and exciting music out there.

    I asked Accretions’ Marcos Fernandes to join us on this week’s…