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Mythostatic - This project Trushkin Ilya began to make music with for 15 years. His main inspirations are Akira Yamaoka and Autechre so in some compositions is felt sort of cruelty. Music is very diverse from to but for the most part pays attention to music.
Ilya Trushkin was born 1994 (December 30). His childhood was fun and his unique style is reflected very clearly. Ilya love talk, but most of his life he spent at the computer and so he had the impression about this grim world

On creator is ( diver000 )

At the moment, Ilya working on a experimental music because he believes that this music is much stronger effect on people than the usual club music. In addition, some listeners are looking for a particular style of music which has Illya. Ilya is working on three programs for creating music. 1) It's "Music 2000" game of the series Sony Plastaytion. It is with this program, Ilya began to create music, and after a few albums. 2) The "FL Studio" the most popular program for creating music. Ilya uses 2006 version and has no plans to change or update. 3) This "Sony Sound Forge 8" on the program is difficult to create music but for adding effects or recording this is best programm. Ilya sometimes uses the program "Nero Wave Editor" but very rarely.

Some listeners noticed that the songs are often cut short or even change the style with the electronics on a rock, or relaxing music to mobile music. This technique uses Ilya almost all experimental songs. The fact is that when Ilya creates a cool rhythm, he is looking for the right sound for the rhythm, if the sound is not that Ilya leaves it and takes a others rhythms. This simple but quite an unusual style of music makes a characteristic feature of all experimental music …

His first album "Gluk Soundtracks" is of the darkest songs, some of them are too oppressed but this album have a great song called: "Forgotten Nightmare". At the beginning of Ilya did not even care to continue to make music. He created this album exclusively for the game.

A few months later, Ilya found one group creating IDM music and tried to create something similar and very well turned out. The second album was called: "Experimental Working" where Ilya using the program FL Studio 6 creates a different 13 songs. After Ilya created another and added it to the full album.
But Ilya did not stop there. 2 weeks after the release of his second album, was released third album, experimental and abstract: "Glitchment". This title can be translated as "Movement glitch." The album may seem mad for those who have not heard this style of music. In this album there is also noise and abstract style and other "set of sounds." He has enclosed in this album all soul and ideas accumulated for 16 years. Some of the songs from this album can showing very interesting songs and some meaningless.

Ilya thought what a style of music still to do and found out that he has not engaged in guitar blues. Although it has a song with blues style = "Forgotten Nightmare" but wanted a little Ilya to continue in this style … And a month later came fourth album titled: "Trance Guitar-Rock Blues". In the name of the album there is just 4 tag. The perfect album. Good as the second album.

Since Ilya working on the program "Music 2000" in the program itself was written a few songs. He decided to record off and make a fifth release of the album titles as "Music 2000 Hits". In this album there is the old style of music but very interesting. At the moment, Ilya immersed in the style of IDM

And now, three months after the sixth album came out : «Old And Forgotten $IDM$». This album is similar to the «Experimental Working» but differs in the length of tracks and their unusual names and styles. Ilya used all him favorite styles which placed in this album and He made all the songs on this album as long as possible. There are some nice songs like «You Lost Your Touch =)» where Ilya was used by voice (not him), but this technique has improved the song. If thinking about «Experimental Working» and "Old And Forgotten $IDM$" not differ except length, names and styles mixing.

Well, after decent time and went "7" album. Dubcitycat. As Ilya says that this is his true breakthrough in the new genre. This music was created by programm "Music 2000". This album is dedicated to the cat who liked to walk around at night and watch the avenue where people often been people who wanted go in noisy areas. After thinking a little kitty wanted to create a Bass song with elements of the piano and successfully. There is a strange track "Damnation of …" noise which reminds Big Beat song.

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