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  • Years Active

    1995 – present (24 years)

There are several bands called Mythos; only one is actively creating new material:

1) from Canada. Active 1993-present.
2) from Finland. Active 1993-2000.
3) /Progressive Rock from Germany. Active 1970s.

1) Mythos is a new-age band that plays semi-acoustic instrumental music that combines various Western styles; female vocals are used as just another instrument. Most of their tracks are contemplative, often slightly sad, with finely detailed sound. The band was founded by two Canadians, Bob D'Eith (keyboards) and Paul Schmidt (guitar); both received classical training on their respective instruments.

Mythos is a musical project started by Bob D'Eith and Paul Schmidt in 1996. Bob (piano) and Paul (guitar) collectively wrote, produced, and performed on the albums with the help of various session performers. The centerpiece of the Mythos sound rests on the acoustic guitar and piano, which are accented by haunting and powerful vocals. Tastes of different cultures are combined to achieve an ancient yet timeless ring.

Official BIO from artist website


Introspection 1996
Mythos 1997
Reality of a Dreamer 2000
Eternity 2002
Purity 2006
Journey 2013
Eros 2018


Music Platforms (Mythos - Eros):

Mythos can be described as ethereal, ambient instrumental music focusing on acoustic guitar, piano and vocal melodies. Added to this mix are hypnotic electronic beats, orchestral arrangements and world instrument flavors. Mythos has always had the goal of creating music without borders; creating a blend of sounds from all over the planet.

Mythos has had a very successful and colorful history. 20 years ago, Bob D’Eith (piano) and Paul Schmidt (guitar) decided to create some music with the idea of composing for film and television. As the partners worked together and brought in other performers, they realized that there was something special about the music. The music stood on its own. Mythos was born.

“Introspection” was the bands first independent release. With the unexpected commercial radio success of “November”, CDs sold in the thousands. That record won a West Coast Music Award and was nominated for a JUNO Award in 1995. The artist secured a number of television placements including the show “Due South”. The album was released in the USA on the boutique San Francisco label XDOT25.

The follow-up album release for “Iridescence”, was happily interrupted when XDOT25 was able to secure a deal with Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI in Malibu, California. The addition of Gil Bruvel’s stunning artwork to a re-release of the best of the first two albums led to the release of “Mythos” in 1998. This record was a huge success, eventually selling over 50,000 CDs and charting on Billboard Magazine’s New Age chart for eight months.

Riding on the wave of Mythos’ success, Higher Octave went on to release “Reality of a Dreamer” (2000) and “Eternity” (2002), both of which charted in Billboard. One of the highlights was the featuring of Mythos music in the 2000 Victoria’s Secret runway show in Cannes, France. At the time, this was the largest streaming event ever seen on the internet. “Eternity” won a Western Canadian Music Award for Best Instrumental Artist in 2003.

With the explosion of downloading and the merger of major labels internationally, Mythos became independent again in 2005. This did not stop the artist who released “Purity” in 2006 on Pacific Music/Warner (Canada) and Alula (Allegro USA).

After more than 10 years making music together, Paul and Bob took a break in order to pursue careers. Bob has been working as a music lawyer and executive director of a non-profit music industry association (Music BC). After studying at London School of Economics, Paul took a position in Korea at a university.

In 2010, Bob decided that it was time to start working on new material. The first effort was to re-mix a favorite track that never made major label release. “Rain” was released as a single in that year.

Over the next two years, Bob and Paul worked on new material and in late 2012 were able to get together to record a new album. Joined by new guest artist Mother Mother’s Jasmin Parkin, “Journey” is an album that reflects both where Mythos has been and where it is going. On April 30 2013, Mythos “Journey” was released to a patient and loyal fan base.

Aug 3, 2018 Mythos released a new EP called "Eros". This new work has something for both fans of classic Mythos and new listeners. Bob produced the EP co-written with Paul Schmidt and featuring alumni guest performers Jennifer Scott and Rene Worst.

2) Mythos was a Finnish band who played Death Metal. inactive

The band existed from 1993 till the end of 2000. As the both primus motors of Mythos (Valppu & Hautaniemi) drifted apart, the band stopped recording, gigging and split up.

- A short chronologic biography -

"Moulded in Clay"- demo (march `93)
Teemu Hautaniemi- drums, Jukka Valppu- guitar, Kimmo Korkala- guitar and vocals, Antti Remes- bass.

Korkala——> later replaced by Toni Pekkala
Remes——> later replaced by Mikko Laurila

The bands first demo tape was recorded at Tico-Tico; Kemi`s finest studio, during march `93 in 2 days and within 20 hours. It contained 4 tracks and an introduction by Jukka Valppu and Kimmo Korkala. Only 250 copies were printed at that time and they were sold in no time. The demo can be heard and bought on the "VOCIFEROUS & MACHIAVELLIAN HATE" thru Evil Omen recs / Osmose… Many people still prefer the as the roughest and best release of Finnish deathmetal-power of that time it was released.

"Vociferous & Machiavellian Hate"- compilationcd (released early 1994)
"Pain Amplifier"- full cd (released january 1995)
Teemu Hautaniemi- drums, Jukka Valppu- guitar, Mikko Laurila- bass and vocals, Toni Pekkala- guitar.

Pekkala——>later replaced by Sami Kukkohovi

The album was also recorded at Tico-Tico, Kemi during a rainy and windy time period in fall 1994 - the wind blowed inside the studio aswell… "Pain Amplifier" was released thru Evil Omen recs / Osmose and it has been printed 5 times (each press 1000 copies) to the bands best knowledge and it has sold 4000 copies and is still selling… The label manager Ludo"Evil" never kept the band up to the date of the selling figures and always kept the finacial discussions such as as the paying of royalties in secrecy (only the 1st part of the royalties were paid as cd`s) This eventually hurt the co-operation with Mythos and Evil Omen recs / Osmose. The french side severed all ties to Mythos, as an "dis-agreement" was manufactured by Ludo "Evil" & co, so that the actual conditions written and signed in the album contract (meaning: the paying of royalties…) could be left aside and that the band would "donate" its royalties to Evil Omen recs that they could release more albums… Evil Omen recs/Osmose also made Mythos t-shirts/ longsleeves without the bands approval and they sure made an awful design to it!

Toni Pekkala left the band shortly after "Pain Amplifier" was released , a replacement was not hard to find… Few guys came and went but the band took Sami "Kukeli" Kukkohovi and started making new tracks for eventual follower to "Pain Amplifier"… it was decided not to record anymore to Evil Omen / Osmose. Most of the tracks made between "Pain Amplifier" and "Dark Material" were not recorded or released, not that they were bad, no label was interested in our deathmetal during the "crazy- boom" of black metal…

(+ Mythos also appeared with 1 track on "World Domination" Osmose

"Dark Material"- mini cd released late 1997 by KTOK records
Mikko Laurila- vocals, Teemu Hautaniemi- drums, Jukka Valppu- guitar, Sami Kukkohovi- lead guitar, Harri Paasovaara- bass

Laurila——>later replaced by Mikko Rojola
Kukkohovi——>later replaced by Vesa Hietala
Paasovaara——>later replaced by Lede

The MCD was produced by our ex- guitarist / vocalist Kimmo Korkala, who had put together his savings and started "KTOK" - records… This is the first recording from Mythos at this more or less new studio - NEO STUDIO in Välivainio, Oulu… This 4- track mcd showed the bands progression in both, songwriting and in the soundquality… The band had welded together more catchier and grooving tracks with recoqnisable choruses and guitar solos… + the Heavy Metal - "feeling" was now rising its head. A masterpiece at that time, though many people complained about Mikko Laurila`s vocal outlet… Some said they loved the whole cd, some said they loved the cd but HATED THE VOCALS… His vocal outlet had changed a bit but the one thing that divided listeners in 2 camps was Mikko`s vocals… You either loved or hated them… !

As soon as we got the MCD out it was time for Sami Kukkohovi to leave the band… (find about that in the trivia section) After struggling with the rest of the members, Mikko Laurila was the next to call it quits… Mikko Rojola was found to replace. A young guitarist - Vesa Hietala came to play the lead guitar. Then Harri Paasovaara left. In came the bass talent LEDE from local blacksters Catamenia… Local "diehard-fans" thought that MYTHOS´ days were done, due to this huge line-up change… No no no !!!

"Revenge…" - demo cd (released aug. `98)
Teemu Hautaniemi- drums, Jukka Valppu- guitar, Mikko Rojola- vocals, Lede- bass, Vesa Hietala- lead guitar.

Hietala——> later replaced by Jyrki Hiltunen

The band has got the soundpolitics in place though the guitars would`ve needed a bit more work! What can we say? It`s 3 tracks intense and fast, not to forget, HEAVY deathmetal tracks that are nicely heavymetal-flavoured…! If you haven`t heard, you`ve truely missed a bunch! At the time the tape didn`t raise any interest of recordlabels… It was just the time BlackMetal raised its ugly head….

"Promo" -cd 1999
Teemu Hautaniemi- drums, Jukka Valppu- guitar, Mikko Rojola- vocals, Lede- bass, Jyrki Hiltunen- lead guitar.

THE LATEST ,THE LAST AND YES… THE BEST RELEASE by the band!! With the line-up now steadily in place, we have established a good working relationship, and schedule for building new tracks… The band mixed influences from the old thrash metal to the already intense deathmetal outlet, that hasn`t changed since the beginning…

**UPDATE 10/2009** Mythos demo "Moulded in Clay" from 1993 was re-released in vinyl by Greek Nuclear Winter Records !

"Pain Amplifier" is in plans to be re-released on vinyl aswell !

Mythos @ YOUTUBE

3) Mythos were an underground German band from Berlin. Their first albums "Mythos" (1972) and "Dreamlab" (1975) were firmly in the krautrock vein: dreamy psychedelic/space rock with acoustic instruments adding a bit of oriental flavor to the mix. Then they moved to a more mainstream sound. Inactive.

Mythos (band)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Origin Berlin, Germany
Years active 1969 - 2007
Genres Rock/Krautrock
Mythos were a German band formed in Berlin by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Kaske, bassist Harold Weiße and drummer Thomas Hildebrand in 1969. All high school dropouts, the self taught musicians released their eponymous debut in 1971. Influenced by Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel and Hawkwind the album draws on science fiction and ecological themes particularly noticable on the closing track "Encyclopdia Terrae". The release saw the band support Family, Colosseum and Humble Pie on tour, however after three year the band split. Kaske then recruited Axel Brauer on drums and Michael Krantz on bass. The band wrote and played live for two years but failed to record and split up. On his own Kaske signed, as Mythos, to Cosmic Chorus, and recorded various TV and film soundtracks before recording DreamLab in 1975.

In 1976 Kaske expanded the lineup to include Sven Dohrow on guitars, Eberhard Seidler on bass and Ronnie Schreinzer on drums. The band adopted a heavier sound and released two albums, Quasar and Grand Prix. Kaske left the band in 1980 in order to concentrate on setting up his own recording studio in Berlin and persue solo projects. Dohrow and Schreinzer formed The Twins, changing to a synth pop style and scoring a number of minor hits.

Stephan Kaske - Guitars, sitar, flute, synthesizer, vocals
Harald Weiße - Bass, acoustic guitar, effects
Thomas Hildebrand - Drums, percussion

Oficial website:

Mythos is today a solo project by Stephan Kaske

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