• This Is How It Started: How My Music Taste Came To Be

    12 Jun 2006, 09:00 by phutmasterflex

    It makes you wonder how life is without music. For me, music is the sanity that's within. Many people are surprised that I know a lot about the 1960s and their music. I grew up with that kind of music. But it was something relatively new. For a 5-year old boy, knowing lyrics to songs from the 60s isn't something your friends will give you high fives about. For me, I first fell in love, and now they have been established as my favorite band of all time, The Beatles.

    I was lucky enough to find two guys, who would later be the best friends I ever have, who also knew of the Beatles. It would be funny enough that we would name ourselves after each member. I would be George Harrison, Chris would be Paul McCartney, and Langston would be Ringo Starr. No one would be John Lennon, and we didn't think too much of it, since at the time, we didn't know what to do with the late Beatle. We had a friend named Ian. In Scottish, his name was John, so I just assumed him in, even though I didn't really know what was what.
  • stupid album meme hurrah

    10 Jan 2006, 01:37 by pathetic1

    Sort your playlist by album, and pick your favorite for each letter
    # - Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - #3
    A - of Montreal - ALDHILS ARBORETUM
    C - Hazel Nuts Chocolate - CUTE
    D - Belle and Sebastian - DEAR CATASTROPHE WAITRESS
    E - Saturday Looks Good To Me - EVERY NIGHT
    F - The Plastics - FOREVER PLASTICO
    H - 少年ナイフ - Happy Hour
    I - Aerospace - In a Place of Silver Eaves
    J - Bunnygrunt - JEN-FI
    K - COPTER4016882 - KILLER PULSE
    L - Another Sunny Day - LONDON WEEKEND
    M - カジヒデキ - MINI SKIRT
    N - (various) - NME C86
    P - Shonen Knife - PRETTY LITTLE BAKA GUY
    Q - -
    U - hairsalon - URBAN SPACEMAN
    V - -
  • some favourites from 2005

    22 Dec 2005, 04:26 by robotactionboy

    some of my favourite releases in 2005. there are things that would probably be on here, but i don't have their newer releases yet(ie Coil, Edward Ka-Spel, Kate Bush, ...)

    in no particular order:

    i am a bird now - Antony and the Johnsons
    i'm glad this has shown up on quite a few best of lists this year. it really deserves all the praise it's been getting. it's one of those releases i've been worried about overplaying. i just like it that much. the gospel influeces seem to be a bit more apparent on this album as well.

    picaresque - The Decemberists
    don't know what i can say about this release that hasn't been said elsewhere. wordy and wonderful. one of those few newer banda that made my ears perk up and take notice.

    sicalyptica - Rita Calypso
    one of my favourite siesta singers. i'm not entirely sure this came out in 2005, but i didn't get it until then. excellent emotional vocals coupled with 60s covers. the taiwan edition came with a bonus disc of demos and radio sessions. i'm surprised she's not more popular.
  • xiu xiu, my little airport & childish music

    27 Nov 2005, 16:48 by robotactionboy

    three more recent cd purchases:

    because i was too nervous at that time - My Little Airport
    i've been wanting this ever since i'd heard that they had released a second album. finally, i was able to find it here in taipei. i think the first single gigi leung is dead is my favourite track off the album, but i'm still taking it in proper. when i bought it i learned that they will be back in taipei on dec. 10th performing at the wall. it's rare that anyone i want to see comes to taiwan so i'm really looking forward to it!

    childish music - various artists
    i picked this up after listening to some of it on a listening station. a comp of music that is mainly electronics. it's supposed to be modelled after kids music, but it seems to lack strong enough melodies to really be true children's music. even if it may fail on that front the music is interesting and features a few bands i'm familiar with - Sketch Show, World Standard, Asa-Chang & Junray as well as a lot of bands i've never heard of but which i'm curious to hear more. …
  • I couldn't help it... Lee Hyun Suk released a new album!

    12 Nov 2005, 18:30 by helikoppter

    Though my initial intent was to dedicate this journal only to concerts and other similar events I, as you might've noticed, have now decided its more fun to impose this place for all music related stuff I, for whatever reason, want to share with the world. And so, here's another list of albums included in my latest YesAsia order ^_^

    I wasn't going to order more CDs this month. I was gonna spend my money on the classic compiler book known as the "dragon book" that I need for one of my courses (yes I have geek tendencies), but something of more importance came up: I found out that Lee Hyun Suk, my favourite guitarist, has released a new solo album! It's been six years since the project album, one of my all time favorite albums, and seven years since his latest solo album so of course I could not miss the chance of actually buying this new album of his...

    Lee Hyun Suk - Myself - The reason why I even placed this order now. All of Lee Hyun Suk's previously released stuff has been amazing and my bet is this album is too. …
  • gigi leung is dead

    10 Oct 2005, 18:34 by robotactionboy

    some more recent purchases:

    gigi leung is dead - My Little Airport
    a new single by my little airport that apparently has some Gigi Leung fans demanding an explanation to the title. the single features four tracks. the title track being on of my favourite songs period now. short and wonderful like a good song. the taiwan edition of this comes with some notebooks left over from the grass music festival.

    棉花糖之吻 - The Marshmallow Kisses
    a new single similiar to the my little airport single coming with notebooks. but their single is only two songs. not quite as strong as the my little airport single, but still quite nice. hopefully there'll be a full length to follow soon.

    the moon and the melodies - Harold Budd, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser
    this is something i never quite got around to buying when it was out on vinyl. nice and and ethereal. it seems that liz's voice isn't quite as good as it is on some of the Cocteau Twins releases though. at least that's my initial impression.
  • what happens when i go shopping for other people

    30 Sep 2005, 06:21 by robotactionboy

    it seems like i can't go shopping for gifts for other people without splurging on stuff for myself:

    the sensual world - Kate Bush
    i've been slowly getting my kate bush collection in order. this is of course something i had on way back when. i still love the album. whenever i want something really or i'll put on kate bush.

    doctor who at the bbc radiophonic workshop: volume 1 and 2 - various artists
    this is a compilation of the music and effects used on the old tv show. by Brian Hodgson, Ron Grainer, Delia Derbyshire, Dick Mills, John Baker, Malcolm Clarke, Paddy Kingsland, Peter Howell and Dudley Simpson. the music is somewhat similiar to the work Louis and Bebe Barron did for the . highly reccomended for and and those that fall inbetween.

    music on canvas#1 a p r i l - Yoshihiro Hanno
    this was on one of the listening stations at and i liked it enough to buy it. …
  • New album from My Little Airport!!

    22 Sep 2005, 09:39 by helikoppter

    I had planned on only using this journal for concerts/lives I've been to, but I'm so excited right now I need to make an exception - My Little Airport will release a new album tomorrow! While I feel bad about not knowing about it earlier, I'm so happy I didn't make that Chinese indie order I had planned for the beginning of this month since now I can get this album too! Anyway, title of the album is 只因當時太緊張 or "Becoz I Was Too Nervous At That Time" and it's released by Harbour Records. I was under the impression they were at Catalog now, but I guess this is for the better since Harbour stuff is easier to buy online :D