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The basic principle behind Muldjord is simple: Create metal music and give it to people for free. Some might ask why which is a little trickier to answer. Muldjord's music is and will ALWAYS be free. There is no interest in making money off of it. It's purely done for the love of the music and the process of creating it from start to finish. It's about giving people an insight into how a single dedicated individual can develop the creative skills needed to make that happen.


The Danish death/thrash/black metal band Muldjord was born back in 2003. It is basically a one-man project, and the band was formed with the purpose of enabling the creator to unleash home-produced material to the outside world, thus creating some kind of distribution channel unlinked to any specific record label.

All instruments are performed by Lars Muldjord including guitars, drums, vocals, keyboard and bass. It is, however, only on the Armygeddon studio version that he actually performed the drums with a real drumkit, and not a drum machine.

"The use of a drum machine is not something i'm particularly happy with, but under the circumstances, that is the only option i have, unless i am offered a studio session, as was the case with the re-issue of Armygeddon."

The first official release from Muldjord was the song Humanification back in the summer of 2005. Humanification is mostly black inspired, and contains a keyboard passage.

After that, the song Predator was composed, recorded and released at the end of 2005. Predator is a very slow moving song with a few up-tempo passages.

"I do a lot of experimenting with this project, which means that the genre isn't fixed. Basically i see it as a window for outsiders, to see how an individual can develop over time both composition wise and studio wise. In the long run, all the material i set loose, should portray some kind of chronological development, hopefully going in a positive and more professional direction."

The Armygeddon song, which was first released in the first quarter of 2006, was re-issued during the summer of 2006. On this new version, all instruments have been recorded in a professional studio, including the drums. So, no drum machine this time.

In the summer of 2007 the song Chaos God was released going back to the old formula of using home-studio recordings for everything, since studio time isn't easy to come by.

After this release, Muldjord decided it was time to make something a little bit bigger than the usual once a year single releases. After the release of Chaos God, work went into composing 5 new tracks for the EP entitled "Mutilated Mime". The EP also contain a re-recorded version of Chaos God.

This time around, all instruments except for the drums were recorded in a professional studio using the reamping technique.

"Reamping allows me to focus all my creative energy on composing the songs and getting the recordings just right. Basically it means that i can sit back home and record everything using line-in and a DI box. Then, when the time is right, i grant myself a couple of hours in a studio and reamp all the recordings. This finalizes the guitars and bass recordings within a very small time frame."

Of course, all instruments, vocals, mixing and mastering on the Mutilated Mime EP were performed/done by Lars Muldjord as usual. The EP was released 1st of january 2008 to much acclaim from the underground metal scene.

A couple of months after releasing the Mutilated Mime EP work began on composing a couple of new songs which were supposed to be released as a 2-track release. But as time progressed the amount of left-over riffs grew larger, and since the riffs were too good to scrap, it was decided to turn the 2-track into a fullblown 4-track EP. At the same time it was also decided that this new EP would contain a re-recorded version of the 2006 release Armygeddon which would leave the final track count at 5. The EP was named Hate Breeds Hate and was released in November of 2009.

During December of 2009 a quick cover version of Jingle Bells was recorded and released. The cover version was titled Jingle Bells Xtreme and also featured a simple illustration of gnomes playing in a heavy metal band done by Lars Muldjord.

In the beginning of 2010 it was decided that the next major Muldjord release would now be a full-length album. 10 songs were composed over the course of 2010. During 2011 lyrics were written, all the guitars, bass and vocals were recorded. The album was mixed and mastered during Autumn of 2011 and the first full-length Muldjord album entitled 'The Ignorant Crown' was set loose on the world on November 1st 2011. The album contains a mix of many different metal genres. The basis is death metal, but there are many thrash and black metal influences aswell. The album has aired on both local radio stations and the Danish National Radio.

While working on the album Muldjord also spends time on some less serious releases. A Danish radio show called Sort Soendag asked its listeners to compose a tribute song named Mariehanen Heavyglad. Muldjord created this song within 3 days and released it 3 weeks later. The song has since aired on Danish National Radio several times.

After finishing the debut album Lars Muldjord quickly began working on new material. With a desire to work with the more serious side of Muldjord, 10 new songs were written during the course of 2012 and Spring of 2013. These new songs move slightly towards a more melodic and atmospheric sound, without compromising the unique Muldjord sound. These 10 new songs makes up the second full-length album written and released by Muldjord. During Autumn of 2013 all guitars were recorded. Lyrics were written during Spring of 2014, where bass was also recorded. Vocals were recorded simultaneous with mixing of the album which took place in early Summer of the same year. The second Muldjord album entitled 'The Color of My Soul' was set loose on the world on July 2nd 2014.

All releases can be downloaded free of charge from the band website.

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