• The Album Leaf @ La Boîte

    1 Mar 2010, 04:31 by esc4p1st

    The last time I saw The Album Leaf perform, a little over seven years ago at China Teatern in Stockholm, Jimmy LaValle had the honor of opening for the otherworldly Sigur Rós. Unknown to me up until a few days before the concert and overshadowed by the excellence of the headliners, he didn't make the strongest impression in the live setting then, but nevertheless went on to provide the soundtrack for many of my college cram sessions, either with his old band Tristeza or with this, his long-lived solo project. Later during that tour, he performed at La Riviera here in Madrid, his last appearance in the city before Friday's concert at La Boîte, a far smaller and more intimate venue, much better suited to the band's ambient brand of indie rock.

    To the disappointment of many, Belgian indietronica act The Go Find will not join The Album Leaf's European tour until Wednesday's show in Milan, leaving the Iberian dates of the tour without an opening act. Instead, Jimmy had to rely on his four-man live band to vitalize the audience. …